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The big topic people ask me often about is how do I get b-12 on a raw vegan diet? I talk about the answer to this question in this video. I also want to share with you a free one hour webinar about vitamin b12 I think does an excellent job explaining the b12 issue. You can view the free 1 hour webinar by David Rainoshek at this link;


27 thoughts on “Truth & Lies About Vitamin B12

  1. Elephants once a year supplement themselves with clay they eat from the bottom of the river or lake. They travel long distances for this. Animals always know what they need and how to get that,I wish humans could be like that. And I believe we were,but we lost this ability somehow.

  2. Hi there, have you tried BellyFATtack ? Just search on Google. There you can get a useful free video presentation by a longtime licensed nutritionist teaching about the way to get rid of fat. It made it easier for Khalid to eliminate his tummy fat. I will probably give it a try. Hopefully it works for you too.


    B12 is a vitamin which is used to synthesize and repair Epithelium and Red blood cell. Animal protein eater damage those tissue a lot and they need plenty of B12, but Raw Vegan cause little damage to those tissues and they need much smaller amount of B12. So, they don’t get it from meat. Meat cause them to create more B12 to repair the damage from meat!

    Just make sure that your low B12 doesn’t go even lower each year. It should stay the SAME all the time!

  4. Elephants, unlike humans, have a system where bacteria form enough B12. It is dangerous to go around telling people they should not take B12 deficiency seriously and that vegans get enough B12 because it is not true. B12 defiency is what caused my relatives that are on a vegan diet to lose their first unborn child through misscarriage.

  5. Stupid illogical point. Elephants have very different digestion to humans and moreover, like cows, they don’t get their amino acids and B12 from plants directly. They get them from digesting their own gut flora [bacteria] that eat the plants they have eaten. Cows are carnivores!

  6. Actually B12 deficiency happens more often to the gluten sensitive and/or gastritis patients (no absorption) and more rarely to vegans or vegetarians if you are worried you should know actually that the most common source of B12 other than meat is breakfast cereal (soak them in water) if you avoiding heavy industrial products or gluten then try pink tofu (it’s usually vitamin fortified) or if you know a “fashion choice” vegan let her try colored v-water .

  7. Also the vitamin B12 shots are hypodermic shots and it is a-one-time treatment for patients experiencing skin and/or limps numbness, lost of temperature feeling and/or pain because of long term complete lack of B12 patients are being shot to prevent permanent nerve damage it is not for dietary supplement .

  8. Frankly, I’m not sure how apt it is comparing human nutritional needs with those of elephants. It might be more fitting to compare our needs with those of chimpanzees or other primates. Sounds like you’re trying to counter the belief that non-meat eaters are weak. Let the proud carnivores live in their delusions. What do bulls and horses eat? I don’t think the ancient Roman gladiators ate a lot of meat either.

  9. Hi, have you considered “BellyFATtack” yet? Simply search Google and you will spot On there you will see a helpful free video by a well accredited doctor talking about the way to reduce fat. This made it possible for Toni to reduce his stomach fat. Why not give it a shot. Hopefully it will work for you also.

  10. Dangerous Video. Vegans and Vegos’ do need to supplement with b12. B12 is stored in the liver for year and depletes over time. It true even some meat eaters don’t absorb it but for non meat eaters its a must. Take a daily b complex at least. I am suffering from B12 deficiency and it sucks. It causes so many problems and can mimic diseases like MS which is how a lot of doctors diagnose and you can go for years with incorrect diagnosis. Please do your research on this and don’t take this guys advice who seems to think an elephant has the same biological make up as an elephant.

  11. If vegans can’t get B12 from any vegan food then how come hundreds of millions in India live perfectly healthy life of 80-100 over years without any signs of B12 deficiency right throughout their lives even at the age of 90 they have almost prefect memory and nervous system? In fact many brain and nervous system related diseases are predominantly found in meat eaters!  We are missing something here.

    • +Vivek Shelgaonkar you are missing Milk. Milk is an excellent source of this vitamin, as a single 250 mL serving of Milk contain about amount half of the Recommended Dietary Allowance. Indians drink milk; No one in India has tea/coffee without milk.

    • Because they get exposed to to B12 producing bacteria from their less than 100% hygienic living conditions. Look a how nasty the Ganges river is. That probably has some B12 bacteria floating around in it. I once read an article about a couple of vegetarian Indians who developed a B12 deficiency after moving to the UK and being in more sanitary living conditions.

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