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Do you struggle with learning how to start eating a healthy diet? I made this video to help you.

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12 thoughts on “Two ways to start Eating Healthy

    • @The Raw Life Health Show Your reading comprehension is horrible. I said if you are overweight/obese you might want to cut back on fruits (sugar). Think of fruit as a dessert, not a staple. Try to learn from your viewers. YOU don’t have all the answers.

    • @Patrick Alexander I disagree with you. I know people who were obease and went on a raw vegan diet with fruits and lost a lot of weight. Over eating anything is not good and yes someone obese needs to cut back on everything, but not just fruit.

    • @Patrick Alexander Show me one person in the world who is overweight/obese and is gaining weight eating only fruits. What a blatant bullshit theory.

    • @Justin Sane You have the same problem Paul does. You can’t read. In my statement above I said the person is already obese you idiot. And I also said to perhaps ease back on fruits until you get at a target weight.

    • Good question, I have videos talking about the Daylight diet that explains it. but try not to eat in the middle of the night or before going to sleep. Make the correct adjustments. what are your 3rd shift hours? you only need to eat 2 times a day

  1. We are an active couple in our 80’s and are all about healthy aging. We still strive for a healthy body, a calm mind, and a positive outlook. And we feel better than ever! We are doing research for our new YouTube channel and hope to inspire others. Learned a lot here. Thank you!

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