Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It is my passion to help people heal from every disease, but since I personally suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I have an extra special passion to help people get well who suffer from this dreadful illness.

I finally completely my new website about healing inflammatory bowel disease. Please share it with anyone you know who has Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease


31 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease – Diet If you are in an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Flare Up

    • For come people Cabbages juice is okay but others they don’t do well with it. I would suggest sticking to juicing mostly dark greens and you can add some cabbage if you want to. The supplements on are so helpful. get in touch with me via the site if you would like to talk.

  1. HI, thanks for you answer to my earlier question. I haveĀ one more question: Is lime juice (lime with warm water) good for crohns disease during a flare up? thanks Nitin

    • I have a question. My daughter has this disease. The last time she had a flare it was in 2013. Once the doctor gave her an antibiotic she had a reaction. It was scary. She was on it for one day only. I had to heal her naturally. So here is 2016, another flare after a antibiotic. I never take her to the doctor but this was an emergency. I don’t want to do the antibiotic for obvious reasons. I have supplements for her I am giving her in powder form for her vitamins. What type of juices do you recommend for her right now? I never juiced for her before but I think this is the best route.

    • Wheat grass juice is good and green leafy vegetables. How old is she? I just seen your question, sorry for the long delay in replying.

    • Monique Brathwaite hi! So My 12 year old niece was just diagnosed with UC and her dr wanted her to go on 6mp but that is a scary drug. My sister talked the dr into lialda today and I so hope it helps her. She’s on prednisone now bc she just was diagnosed in the hospital 3 weeks ago. How is your daughter? What meds worked for her?Any dietary changes? I just want to help them so bad. 12 is too going to be in such pain. What can help with her severe morning cramps? I also think she should juice cabbage and take tumeric. Any advice would be great. Hope you’re baby is feeling better.

  2. sub to your channel.
    Amber Moate I too have Crohn’s disease, was diagnosed at 19 and I’m now 37. on April 10-2015 I had MAJOR surgery where they REMOVED my rectum, anus and half of my colon and now i have a permanent colostomy. its been a little over a year and a half since the surgery and im back as back if not worse than before, im having 18 to 30 bowel movements a day, can’t eat for day’s, muscles crap like crazy, every couple of months I have to have blood transfusions ( just had 2 units December 22-2016) and unbearable stomach / back pain. Im a single mother to an amazing 6 year old son , im not able to work so I receive disability of $550 a month.
    Im just dying NOW OF DIARRHEA, at the moment I haven’t eaten in 30 hours and STILL HAVE SEVER DIARRHEA & PAIN!!!!

  3. thank you so much for this video I’ve been suffering for a very long time and going at it alone.
    I wanted to ask if there are cheap options since I can’t afford a juicer right now let alone a lot of food. I was thinking applesauce? I would greatly appreciate a response.

  4. I have a huge flare up right now. It got worst because my doctor told me to increase my fat intake while I was already not feeling well. I fasted for a day and half, and I couldn’t take anymore. I was feeling super tired, could not think or move without feeling dizzy. For some reason green juices don’t set well with me. They seem to irritate my stomach somehow. I just broke up the fast with some well cooked cassava root. I hope it will be fine.

  5. Good, figured I was on the right track to start a liquid diet. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis three years ago but looking back I have had symptoms of IBD far longer. I’m wondering if the IBD triggered the Spondylitis. Thank you for this information. Subbed.

  6. So first i will juice to heal, then when its heals i can finally start to vegan muscle building diet, all plant based diet, does anyone think that would be a good choice? im never gonna eat that junk prossed foods again nothing bad i just want to be healthy and buidl muscle on vegan diet which i can

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