Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It is my passion to help people heal from every disease, but since I personally suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I have an extra special passion to help people get well who suffer from this dreadful illness.

I finally completely my new website about healing inflammatory bowel disease. Please share it with anyone you know who has Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease


9 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease – Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  1. hi there
    i was told i had bowl cancer almost 4 years ago.and it had gone to my liver,after 5 operation and lots of chemo i still have the disease.i was told to go back and have mor chemo as last time it worked {for few months and then I’ve had more disease then before]
    at the moment I’m on strict diet plus canebis oil and high dose vitamin c
    my question is this what ales do u think i could or should be doing 
    many thanks

    • +Faraz Moghiminia I don’t know what Strict diet means but I suggest a raw vegan diet and also visiting a place like Hippocrates Health Institute. 

  2. I have not been diagnose with IBS but I know I have a sensitive stomach. I have a normal diet now but want change my diet slowly. I know it takes a lot of discipline but can you give me any tips on how to heal my stomach.

    • +Dhruv Savaliya it is best to avoid eggs if you are in an attached but you can have them if you are not. However how you prepare them matters. you are better off not eating them at all but if you do hard boiled, raw or scrambled. Make sure you get them from a farm or health store.

  3. Good afternoon, I am taken away by your every video “It is my passion to help people.” Your honesty to help is known by you giving them their choice as to wherever they are able to do the purchasing… but just buy the best. Thanks a whole bunch.

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