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Join Scott Laird as he chats with author, speaker, and musician Allan Aguirre. When does the day start? What does the moon have to do with the new month? And why does any of it matter for a modern believer? Gather your curious friends and watch this episode of Shabbat Night Live for the answers!


8 thoughts on “Understanding the Hebrew Calendar | FULL EPISODE

  1. Wonderful, just wonderful job, both Scott Laird n Allan Aguirre….but that preparation for the passover starts on the 10th Aviv…Judas wudda been lookin to choose their passover lamb, on the 10th

  2. This is so helpful, thank you. This is my second year observing the feasts and last year was a bit confusing with the dates. Can I get a calender somewhere for 2019 according to the gregorian setup?

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