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We often hear the term "Grace vs. Law" but do we really understand the word "Law". In this video I discuss "The Law"


25 thoughts on “Understanding What “The Law” Really Means

  1. Paul; first off, love the beard…awesome. Second, very good video.

    What would like to ask you is if you have done, either yourself or interview, a video pertaining to practical Torah living, the nuts-and-bolts how-to. Granted, that is an extensive topic and a very personal one, but I think it would be beneficial and helpful to all of us who are coming back to our relationship with the Father through the lens of Torah.

    Thanks for your work; I appreciate you, achi…

  2. As far as my tiny little brain is able to understand, I believe I agree with everything said in this video.
    The only question now that remains is for someone to write down and clearly define, in a codified sort of way, exactly what the full extent of the “Guidelines and Instructions” are, so people are not perpetually stumbling around from here to eternity in the dark “searching for” and “wondering what” the “Guidelines and Instructions” are, so we can move forward with our lives and stop wasting time “searching for” and “wondering what” we should desire to do?
    This is a relevant issue because all of Torah takes place prior to Moses’ death and prior to Israel entering into the chosen land and therefore prior to the Temple being built. Therefore the teaching of alter building and animal sacrifice and door marking and burnt offerings have all the appearance of practices of the “Guidelines and Instructions” given in Torah?
    Peace and GOD Bless,

    • +Daniel Nichols Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Your boiler plate suggestion, offered countless times by countless commenters, fails the test of the explanation given in my last paragraph. Please video record your next alter building, animal sacrificial ceremony and burnt offering and send us the YouTube link so we might all participate.

    • I would encourage you to get into your Bible and read it–really read it–without your pastor or your Sunday School teacher whispering in your ear as to what it means. There is so much here to comment on that I don’t have time to–but you should definitely look at teh difference between the Book of the Covenant and the Book of the Law, for one. For another, you should also look at what Paul was actually saying to the Galatians–understanding their culture and their coming into the Way–as well as figuring out that Paul was referring to the curse brought about by that book of the law that sat OUTSIDE the ark. Finally, you need to reconcile statements from, say, Isaiah 66:15-18 where at the end of days, people who are swine-eaters are classified among the abominable to be destroyed. You need to reconcile also why exactly Yahshua/ “Jesus”said to hope that your flight would not on the Sabbath. Count for yourself exactly how many times Paul went to the feasts in Acts. 

  3. When Paul said in Galatians we are no longer under the law, he was saying we are no longer under the PENALTY of the law if we accept Yeshua’s sacrifice. The only payment for sin is death, and since the law dictates what is sin, therefore all men deserve death under the dictates of the law, for all have come short of the law. Therefore, Paul says we do not have to make the payment for our sins (which is death) because Yeshua made the payment for us. But, this does not mean the law of our creator is no longer valid! God’s laws are eternal Psalm 119:160. This means that anytime someone commits murder for example, whether they know the law of God or not, there are very real consequences for breaking that law. No one can murder another without negative consequences….strife, anger, revenge, pain? All these things are consequences of that single law being broken. But the greatest pain is eternal death for this act. If the 6th commandment is valid no matter the time period or the level of understanding, then the 5th commandment the Sabbath is valid as well……yesterday, today, and forever! The Sabbath was instituted for all mankind from Genesis 1. The Sabbath is not only for the Jews or any select group of people. It will be observed in God’s Kingdom after the return of Yeshua Isa 66:23. If Yeshua is the word, and all things were made through Him (John 1), then Yeshua is the Creator, and He is the God of the Old Testament! If He instituted the Sabbath, and He is the Lord of the Sabbath (Matt 12), and will require all flesh to worship Him on the Sabbath in His kingdom Is 66:23, then why are we not required to do it now? The simple answer is that we are required to do it now, just as God’s people were required to do it it then in biblical times. No man is free from God’s law at any point of time, or the penalty of it. But Yeshua died so that we could be spared from eternal death. If we love Him, we will keep His commandments. He is the YHWH who gave Moses the law, and led Israel out of Egypt. He is the Passover lamb which was slain from the foundations of the world. If you love Him, you will keep His commandments, including Passover coming up sunset April 13th.

  4. When Yeshua said, “If you love me keep my commandments,” he was saying if you love me and want to be my bride keep the wedding contract.

  5. Great video Paul.
    Isn’t it amazing that YHWH scattered his people for breaking his covenant, and somehow the christians think they get to become his people for opting out of the same covenant?
    “Churchianity” is wicked.

  6. I have to say I agree with every syllable of that video.
    I see too many people who use the Grace of Yeshua as an excuse to “do as they will”(which is the enemy’s philosophy) because they think Grace will save them from the harvest of what they’re sowing.
    If they really loved Him and weren’t running from the Light they should want to do the right thing in any situation.
    I think they’re claiming Heaven and adding stripes to His back at the same time which shows that they’re really like a “stripe adder” which I think is some kind of snake…

    • Fulfill does not mean done away with. The word used for fulfill is pleroo which means to bring to the fullest meaning, to full preach, to render a correct interpretation. He said He didn’t come to abolish the Law and the Prophets. The word used for abolish is kataluo which means to dissolve, to disunite, to throw down, to destroy. The love of G-d is that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome. He said in Torah that it wasn’t too difficult nor beyond our reach. The Law is spiritual and the Holy Spirit empowers us to keep the Law and fulfill it

  7. Absolutely perfectly presented!! I’m so thankful for your usage of saying “The Creator”…. ery on point, direct and Truthful! All Prayze 2 YHVH EL ELYON! 👆💙

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