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United In Torah Panel — with Daniel De León, Paul Nison, Zachary Bauer, Rob Skiba, and Steve Moutria.

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27 thoughts on “United In Torah Panel at the Conference

  1. Seeing this video makes me jealous that I was not there I praise the Lord for the people who were there praise God

    • +Liora Jimenez I am with Rafaela in her most accurate assessment of you. I have brought LOTS of Scripture for my argument. Multiple pages worth in fact. It’s all over my website and in my YouTube videos. But then you’d already know that if you actually had any clue at all what you are talking about.

    • +Rap Sure “Rap Sure3 weeks agoBut you can’t prove it’s flat.. so to TEACH that it is.. is MORE than background noise.. I’m glad my comments are background noise..”

      So you are saying if you can’t prove something you shouldn’t teach it?
      So prove it is a ball or stop trying to teach it.
      I have never heard Rob state, as you do over a ball, that it is flat.
      I have watched him use the scientific method to investigate it, and like many, first tackled it to prove it to be a crazy idea.
      Not a year ago, I argued for a ball earth. I can no longer make that argument, as I see the lies I was spreading, as you are doing, to do so.

      Maybe it is a ball. But you can’t even begin to prove the claim, without citing people who claim you are related to a monkey, and like to put pagan and occult names and symbols all over everything.

    • +Rob Skiba don’t worry about there ignorant comments I believe you are right about most of the information in flat earth do believe its scriptural but I have something huge against you right now but not just you most in the Torah root who are saying the True Holy Ghost of Yeshua is not a person this is Blaspheme so not just to you rob but I like paul nison cause he lives Torah out but him to for every one saying the Holy Ghost is not a person THIS BLASPHEME against the True Holy Ghost cause the Holy Ghost is a Person repent of this lie and beg the Holy Ghost forgiveness cause every one saying this blaspheme that Holy Ghost is not a person will lead many and damn many to the lake of Fire don’t know if you guys can be saved for saying this but if I where you I would beg the Holy Ghost of Yeshua for forgiveness I pray that the will have mercy on you guys and forgive you

    • You are off your rocker … LMOALMOALMAO…..

      You say “prove it” LOL …HOW ABOUT YOU PROVE ….air…….gravity ..oxygen ….love …..hate …….Co2….

      etc ……….If the earth is round and flat, where are the edges? (where is its rim?) Can you give us the latitude and longitude for that … pardon, we wouldn’t need latitude and longitude if the earth were FLAT, but you get the point.

  2. question everything. hi. I think his science is right on. for most people it doesn’t matter that is not much of what we do depends on the shape. I can’t prove one over the other

  3. the brother from torah family/119 said Ezekiel doesn’t day Sin sacrifice are there, he needs to re read it because it’s mentioned multiple times

  4. Hebrews 10:18 Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin.

    Messiah is the End of all Death if you are in Him “HE DIED FOR US!!!”

  5. Thank you! Great panel love each and everyone of you and respect you regardless of your stand in certain subjects and yes including “flat earth” lol +Rob Skiba thank you for not being a afraid of expressing your findings and view points even if many don’t agree and distastefully mock you to puff themselves up. I will never stop learning or say or act like I know it all or more than others. You have opened my eyes to many biblical teaches that I was able to confirm through the word. Please don’t stop researching despite how anyone on this panel or in the comment thread treat you. Continue being vigilant and open for truth! Shalom to you and yours ❤️

  6. Rob was asked about his flat earth beliefs, he didn’t just bring it up. People, stop getting so mad. If you don’t agree, move on. We are to walk humbly if we follow Messiah. Steve, you honor everyone when you speak. I appreciate your gentleness!

  7. about the sacrifices do not be deceived even if we still have to do sacrifices after Yeshua returns after the Great Tribulation the anti christ must come first before Yeshua returns so he will probably be standing in the third temple when its made and there doing sacrifices the anti christ will deceive many and say his god do not be deceived this will happen before the True Yeshua returns also the talmud is a cultic it speaks against Yeshua has nothing to do with the Torah also the flag in Israel to day is acultic to its not the True star of david and I truly believe the True Israelites where black or middle eastern not the ones in Israel to day Iam not for the black pharisees israelites cause they think only blacks can be saved when Yeshua came to save every human race but I do believe the True Israelites where black or middle eastern

  8. prayers out to rob to stay strong.
    the mockery is completely unnecessary, and mostly perpetuated by those who have done their research.

  9. Wow this is crazy!! Thank you Paul for posting this video and all of you for participating in the Q&A 🙂 I have learned a lot from each of you 🙂🙏❤️ Thank you!!

    I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this video in the last year, but happy I saw it today 🙂

    The comments, however are something else!! So many of you spouting off about Rob Skiba… he is a Brother, you are supposed to Love NOT Dog !!

    It’s so sad to see how we treat each other!! Now imagine how as the body of Yashua Messiah we look to those just coming in ☹️ I wouldn’t ever want to be the reason someone turns from Torah, with all the in fighting going on ☹️ we should be loving, warm and inviting!!

    Just remember when your pointing at someone else’s faults , you have three pointing back at you!!

    Be careful with your words and love one another 🙂🙏❤️

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