This week, I have a series of videos with the father of juicing Jay Kordich. Recently Jay came to visit me and we recorded an hour long video about his life, passions and really amazing juicing stores like when John F. Kennedy came to Jay's juicing demo.

Jay shared some great insights on juicing, blending, healing from disease and more. Here is part one for everyone. If you would like to see the full length One- Hour Video, simply join as a member to the Raw Life Health Show. (

You will not only get access to this full interview but many other full length interviews with long time raw foodist and health teachers.

But the really good news is you will get 10% all items at the Raw Life Health Store, including Jay's new Juicer. See for more info and to buy this amazing new juicer.


6 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal With Jay Kordich, The Juice Daddy

  1. Paul is super cool and smart but he’s looking super homeless and shoddy. Paul I became raw cuz of you and it saved my health and my life but dude please shave. Besides you got that cool Brooklyn Beastie Boys look thing happening when your hair is short lol.

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