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Learn The Truth About Vaccines

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This exclusive 7-day docu-series dives deep into the science with 60 of the worlds top vaccine experts so that you can make an informed decision and protect your child.

The Truth About Vaccines airs for free starting on April 12th at 9:00PM Eastern.

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As you know I have two children that mean
the world to me. We all need to stay
informed about children's health topics.

Plan to have kids…

Or have grandkids…

You need to see this…

Vaccines, as you know, are required in the United States and many other countries; and doctors are instructed to follow a vaccine schedule established by the government.

But there’s growing concern among some groups that they may too aggressive and they may be doing more harm than good.

Should I vaccinate?

Should I not vaccinate?

Will I know if my child is at high risk of having an adverse reaction before it’s too late?

It’s more than a simple YES or NO answer. Parents need to be educated to understand the risks on both sides.

And that’s why I’m SO excited to tell you about this…

Over the past year, filmmaker Ty Bollinger and his investigative team have interviewed more than 60 of the world’s best doctors, researchers and experts from around the world.

Pro-vaccine experts. Anti-vaccine experts. Both sides of the debate.

They’ve put all this together into a new documentary mini-series called “The Truth About Vaccines” coming out April 12th.

It’s everything a parent needs to know in order to make the best possible decision for their child. You need to see it.

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To your health,

Paul Nison

P.S. It’s 100% FREE for you to watch. Why? Because this is one of the most controversial issues facing parents today, and there’s a mountain of misinformation, propaganda, and fear mongering on the subject.

Parents are caught in the middle, and it’s time to set the record straight.

If you’d like to know the truth about vaccinations, you cannot afford to miss this groundbreaking new series.

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28 thoughts on “Vaccines Destroyed My Life

  1. Education is important, but people, masses are not getting it… this is more than half the globe! Reasons behind many chronic conditions, disabilities, infertility and deaths. Not funding, backing and questioning who you vote for… also look at your family, every school, clinic, hospital, college is pushing! Your family is effecting you, others because it’s someone’s job to make them, advertise, scare, inject, push, force…. real people! Demand your family be educated, put money behind people like Dr Sherri Tenpenny, read, share, all military are forced, and the laws that allowed for choice are quickly being changed while you’re watching tv, loosing the RIGHT to refuse. Knowing is half the battle, the rest is as millions saying no to forced, even if you beLIEve in them… people should have a right. Those who disagree should keep taking them all, including the 49 forced on infants with undeveloped immune systems. You should submit yourself to em all and note many who push from politics to medicine DONT take or give their children. Pre teens for mskes/females is a destruction of your systems ability to procreate!

  2. I was always very scepticsl sbout the Guardasil ; and other HPV vaccination because of the replicated sourcing used to create the vsccine, although, I read some stufies about the many trials and effectiveness regulations thst it must pass in order to get passed for it to even consideted a vaccination, so I assumed the safety and effectiveness of those wete supposed to out weigh the possible ‘bad’ side effects that childrenould happen, (liwer risk if the patient is eating healthy, and has no other issues) ; however, I had some valid second thoughts on it, and since a human’s system can naturally find ways to resist and NATURALLY fight it, successfully, it would seem that the natural ways could be more successful, although, it is pissible that the whole idea surrounding the vaccination could stem from some unavoidable ‘experimentation’ that has been devised, and this was the only biable alterative that certain medical scientists could see to devise in order to live through this, yet another ‘experiment’ issue, so I cannot , with a clear concience say that I am either for or against it.
    I do feel, however, feel the need to lobby for the Thermasil preservative to be removed from vaccines, in favor of , instead, adaquate refrideration containers that will more safely store all vaccinations against spoilage in the warmer climate areas, as this would further ensure the success of the immunizations and further help reduce and hopefully help eliminate outbreaks of deadly diseases that creep back up from time to time, as in tetnus, polio, and other diseases.
    Thal you so much for your ‘informative show, I believe that thos type of well thought out discussions and realuzations actually need to be heard and examined regularly in order tokeep a close watch on personal and public health andsafety.
    Shalome. Kadoosh, kadoosh, kadoosh, Adonu, Sabado. Lahiem.
    To Our Health and blessings🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

  3. The same thing for polio. over 90% of people who catch wild polio have no serious problems from it. only about 1% are adversely affected by wild polio. the oral polio vaccine gives people polio. people can also spread disease after a vaccine for like 2 weeks (it might be longer)

  4. Hello! I love this video! I learned some and agreed with 100% of what I am hearing. I do have a question. I also have mercury in my teeth I want to get out. Where did she go to get that done? Or is there a place you recommend?


  5. Vaccines and vaccine pushers for Big Pharma are being exposed on an exponential scale now. It’s high time that the hard and dark truth about toxic vaccines and the Rockefeller created/funded allopathic medical mafia gets out to the world! Protect yourself and your family from poison vaccines and chemical pharmaceuticals.

    • This girl got CHEMICALLY STERALlZED by her family doctor, lmao so they finally learn about this SATAN-RUN world after a bunch of suffering

    • Sassy Sassy.. you think that will restore mine too as I just started menopause but I heard a Dr from Greece in a video say its best if all women can ward off menopause as it starts escalating the age process and I want to slow it down or stop it if I can. But he never said How to do this.
      I don’t know what biohormones are but I’ll start researching…thanks.!!

  6. The gardasil vaccine destroyed my life too. I had serious auto immune reactions after my third shot- I developed severe chemical sensitivity, brain fog, fatigue, tremors under stress, and problems communicating with people when before I had been a very happy and social person. Now I have pretty much given up being able to have friends in the same way I once could and finding happiness is a struggle. Luckily raw foods and detoxing has helped me so much. If you are considering getting this vaccine, don’t. My friend got the vaccine at the same time as me and also developed sensory issues, although not as bad as mine. Thanks for this channel and this interview!

  7. love seeing young women my age awoken like you sorry to see that it had to be in such a difficult way. prayers to YAH to continue to heal you

  8. The whole purpose for vaccines is sterilization. Learn about the origins of the polio vaccine. If you look at the incidents of sterility in Gardisil patients, you will begin to connect the vaccine industry with Agenda 21. That’s the long & short of the whole issue. Although it is quite convoluted & shocking to learn the deep secrets behind vaccines & global agendas.

    • Alison Rennie you are so right Alison. Most people look at you like your crazy when you tell them stuff like that. I tried telling my co-workers about vaccinating their kids might not be a good idea and my manager said, “I’m vaccinating my kid”

  9. Thanks John. I’m sceptical when it comes to doctors giving me things also but I am a dental assistant. just started this job. I feel God led me to pursue this career. I am gonna have to get a hepatitis vaccine to work in this field because I will be at risk working around the blood and all. I want your opinion on this particular vaccine. Do you think it’s OK cause I definitely don’t want to catch hepatitis. Thanks.

    • charlotte Yarbrough Hi Charlotte. Look up Dr John Bergman on youtube and see if he mentions hepatitus. If I’m correct, I think hepatitus might not be good for us too, but not sure of it. Also Sherri Tenpenny or Dr Josh Axe. Dr Burzynski is another good Dr.

  10. Your description says vaccines are required in the US – vaccines are not required by law – unless you’re an immigrant coming in to the states, getting a green card etc. I don’t know where you get your info.

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