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Vaccines Revealed


29 thoughts on “Vaccines Revealed

  1. It’s the dangerous and toxic additives and preservatives in vaccines that we have concerns with. That is what people who attack us don’t seem to understand.

    • it is not perfect but it is a cure vaccination can be both a cure and a cause if a disease right now it benefit are more than its danger i dont believe you need to be vaccinated by every vaccine in the chart but there is few that you need to get .

    • aish almotery the idea of a vaccination is a good idea but it is not been proven if you look into it,. part of the problem is that it deals with dead viruses that the body may or may not recognize as the virus, it is true that the body will fight it regardless and remove it from the body but the question is does it really strengthen the immune system. along with the dead virus many hip

    • +The Raw Life Health Show preach the Truth paul nison tell the Truth about the lies of vaccinations for the will of Yahweh so people are not deceived but still don’t agree with your view on the True Holy Ghost of Yeshua cause He is a Person part of the God head God is One God in Three Persons but Yahweh God the Father is Greater has nothing to do with the crupt wick vision of the catholic church or the crappy pagan triangle

    • paul nison also this proves rob that he was right about the flat earth information not saying earth completely flat but the information is right cause angels are stars also we must pray that Yahweh will protect the body of Yeshua and deal with this crappy fallen angels and devils that shapshift into false clouds and airplanes chemtrails are from crappy fallen angels and devils watch awake soul who exposes this on his video chemtrails are demonic : flat earth and spirituality

  2. Thank you, I signed up and shared it on FB… I’m one of those fence sitters when it comes to this issue, I’m really trying to be open-minded to both sides and weigh it against myself.

  3. Hmm, although I see you have real concerns about immunizations I can’t help but have respect for what they have done for us.

    Is your opinion to get rid of vaccines or change the formula?

    I’ll be watching this series with a critical and open mind, let’s see what you’ve got to say.

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