Vegan Dating a Non-Vegan

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10 thoughts on “Vegan Dating a Non-Vegan

  1. vegans dont date non vegans….its not worth the meat breath and all the stuff in their system….HEALTH FIRST before kisses and sex


    oh and the compassion thing towards animals….BIG PRIORITY as well


  2. It doesn’t work out. Religion and diet are lifestyles. How can you date or marry someone who has a complete different view on these issues? It is like light and darkness.

  3. Is that vegan and non -vegan in food stuff!? 📿✨..amazingly I heard there’s no… Actually Which is vegan and non-vegan!? ✌🙏

    • HeatherGotRedPilled : It’s a lifestyle. In life, we tend to gravitate & usually get along with like-minded people. For longevity in a relationship, you need to have certain things in common (I feel that being vegan is one of those things that a couple should share).

  4. In addition, being with a non vegan would make you a non vegan too. Recently, John Kohler said that he feeds his dog meat. Apparently his viewers called him out on it & accused him of being non vegan. He responded by saying that he doesn’t like labels, and that he doesn’t mind if he is considered to be non vegan because of that choice. When dating a non vegan, it’s the same thing. That’s my comparison. We don’t even need to bring being “raw” (or not) into this equation. PERIOD.

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