Vegan to Carnivore
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21 thoughts on “Vegan to Carnivore

  1. You claim to be a Christian, yet you are going against God. God says meat is a gift to man and the Bible warns of the vegan diet being a part of the end time prophecy. Wake up Paul. This is a degenerative diet. Vegan babies are dying left and right. Meat does not cause cancer or heart disease of any other illness, these are all lies you’re being told. All of the blue zone eat meat. The longest living population of people in the world eats the most meat. There is no clear evidence that meat causes cancer whatsoever. You are in a cult and you’re depriving yourself of essential nutrients for no reason. I pray that you and others wake up and realize how delusional this is. Veganism kills millions of animals by various means such as: using pesticides, grinding animals up in grain threshers, shooting birds and rodents to keep them from eating the crops, some farmers even hire guys to shoot all the birds in the surrounding area to keep them from the crops. You are not saving animals by going vegan. I hope you see this and I really want you to talk to God about this. Please!

  2. With the way meat is being processed and the way animals are being mistreated as well as all the antibiotics and genetic engineering in relation to animals – eating meat is a poor choice

    • Jack Knight typical vegan. I guess people have no choice but to eat processed meat. Ever heard of eating meat that isn’t processed genius? Do you know that your precious fruit is sprayed with pesticides even if it says it’s organic?

  3. Try .n to reprogram my self hear manly fruit and veg a bit very little meat . Ye think we programed hear in ireland to eat meat . Still trying tho .🌠

  4. If you need a university degree in order to do the vegan diet right, then we have to conclude that the vegan diet is not the natural diet for humans.

  5. I tried raw milk for the first time. I thought it was going to be very differnt from regular milk. It was basically exactly the same. I noticed all the same negative health issues from drinking it as i do drinking regular milk. I do think that raw milk is better. . . . .i just dont know how valid it ia that raw milk really helps to improve health in the long run.

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