This show will build your faith unlike any other.

Michael Rood starts in the book of Genesis and finishes in Revelation before the end of the show. Each pinnacle event from Creation, Noah’s Flood, Abraham, and the rest of biblical history lead you to Revelation. Should Christian’s celebrate Passover? Find out tonight!

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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13 thoughts on “Wake up! Genesis to Revelation in one show – Shabbat Night Live – 3/31/17

  1. AROODAWAKENING , thank-you for the wonderful videos you make available on YouTube , but Nehemias comment that Manus Island is a terrible place in the middle of nowhere is not correct , in comparison to Australia Manus Island is a tropical paradise just 180 miles off the Northern coast of New Guinea , that’s like saying Jamaica is in the middle of nowhere , just last week one the refugees that is in Australia went on a killing spree in a bank because his social welfare payment was late , this what happens when the liberals fast track the screening process and let the wrong ones in , yet still on Manus Island we feed them cloth them give them accommodation and offer educational classes and medical treatment all compliments of the Australian tax payers and in return they vandalise and set fire to the facilities we freely provide for them if we don’t march to their drum , in general Australians are a friendly and respectful lot and enjoy and practice our freedom of speech {as long as your not big noting yourself , nobody likes that over here] and lifestyle , we have compassion for the genuine refugees but it takes time to sort out the tares , anyway I’ll leave it at that though there is much more to the problems we are having with some of the wrong ones getting in that our mainstream media remains silent about , but I would enjoy very much if I lived on Manus Island it’s a beautiful island I would love to call home . and Michael , thank-you very much for your excellent teachings that have brought the Bible to life for me , bye for now and may the blessings of YeHoVah be with you all always

  2. You guys inspire me to study Yehovah’s Word more thoroughly. We can’t just take what we are told by various leaders, we must seek out the Truth for ourselves. Shabbat shalom.

  3. Mr. Rood; Is it true that the Reform and Orthodox Jews do not believe the Old Testament or the Pentatude? In regards to a six day Creation, Adam and Eve as the first People, The Flood, the nine Plagues of Egypt, and the Law given to Moses? Does the Covenant Circumcision of converts to Judaism only consist of a pin prick which sheds one drop of blood instead of removal of the foreskin as commanded. And do the Jews today describe the attributes of a coming Messiah just as Revelation describes the Anti-Christ? Thanx for your ministry.

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