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HAVE you all watched the interview with President Trump and Bill O'Rielly

Please watch: "Pastor Teaches Life Lessons of Faith"



55 thoughts on “WAR with Iran is Coming!

  1. Yes! started by the bully “TRUMP” Who’s managed to piss everyone off One way or another. How bout the sitting president exercise tact and learn some class and filter himself. He’s shown himself to be NOTHING but a “Bully”! it’s getting rather old like himself as well as annoying as HELL😩

    • Talanda Mc Clure Ummm…if only it were that simple. I don’t think wars are created in a few weeks by someone being a ‘Bully’. lol Mainstream media and Soros would love for you to believe that… so you fell hook line and sinker. Ever heard of Rothschild or Bilderberg… this has been in the works for years. Trumps the perfect fall guy…eh…executer of their plan. Look at what happened to Kennedy when he tried to stand up to them.

    • PapayaJoy. I certainly do know “The Rothschild’s and The Bilderberg’s. These would be the families who run & rule this country. These people are the “Zionist” trust they’ll kill you too my friend, so let’s not get it twisted. There’s about to be a reversal of fortune, so I think YOU shouldn’t get too comfortable.

    • +Asher sisny the people are absolutely hurt by them, but just read the comment sections on this kind of videos and you’ll see that there are many americans who advocate for war… you never see an iranian do that or he is going to hear from any iranian who reads a comment like that… and i’d like to send those elitists who survive that battle (good idea btw) to the south pole.

    • +iraje hall I don’t want to see war neither, but these wicked polticans and the elites want war because it means big money for them. You are right what you said

    • +Tyler JTI let’s hope for the best… but we have to be very aware of the tactics of the elite on both sides. peace and blessings to you and yours.

  2. Donald Donald Trump is a Zionist we had really no choice in this election I didn’t want to vote for Donald Trump just because of that reason but I did because Hillary Clinton was so dangerous but Donald Trump is an absolute Zionist

  3. What worse it gets. If Obama created ISIS. Direct effect Mass Immigration colonization of European with jihadis by DESTROY Libya in 2011, Then use same model in Syria. Failed their because Russian stop Obama Jihadis Mercenaries. Trump idea to get together with Russian exterminated Obama Globaliast Mercenaries. Putin free Aleppo from Obama Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusta.

  4. this is bullshit Iran never did anything wrong. this only goes to show you have another pathetic war mongering president every country has a right to test weapons for defence it’s not like they’re testing nuclear weapons

    • Arif Budisantoso the fault lies in globalism and corruption. which has been a driving force in this country for far too long. there’s a line from a movie where one gangster complains to another that his son is a murderer who replies there are only murderers in this room. there are no perfect players here, only survival of the strongest. there’s also only one doctrine that promotes freedom, regardless of who’s perverted it that’s a political system. that’s our Constitution. no voting present here, is there?

    • hasmax786 Certainly. as I said, a million times over. to wipe the scum from the earth and be done with the war behind a false religion forever. Annihilation of its lies ,doctrine and it’s festering pukes that ooze it’s diseased puss out into the world.

    • Farmer James if by scum you mean muslims theres 1.7 billion muslims strong a quarter of humanity what exactly are you going to do? And why what did we do to you.

    • abukamoon Let’s make two things very clear here because it will help you in getting a more accurate picture.
      1. NO ONE is controlling President Donald J Trump.
      2. President Donald J Trump is acting in the best interest of Americans.

      That’s probably hard to recognize since it hasn’t happened since the early 1980s.

  5. Iran is a muslim country but not a radical muslim like saudis and turks, they are peaceful people and i can testify to that as i lived next to them and i am christian.
    the problem is the neo-liberal, wall street gangsters, and the elite-zionists scums that want to end any resistance to their NWO plans.

    • Iranians are Muslims and I know that as lived next to them. Turk and their pan turkism ideology is a cancer in the middle east which caused armenian and greek genocides. Today turks are committing genocide on Kurds and Syrians. In fact, ISIS is mostly supported by the turks and Mossad and turkish government. These are proven facts.

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