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30 thoughts on “Was Jesus White?

  1. I cannot comprehend why some whites cannot accept this truth, it is utterly amazing to me. 
    What is equally amazing is the attitude of certain people when you state these facts!
    Then they want to cover up the truth by saying what difference does it make! 
    This is about honoring the truth and not misrepresenting it. If they cannot honor it, then there is a heart condition.

    • PastorDowell
      Like I said already Pastor Racist, I have no problem with Jesus being a negro, if he loves me as I am and saves me from hell I’m gonna worship at his feet, You don’t get it do you? Hell is for eternity, non negotiable you think I’m gonna be worried about Jesus’s skin color if he’s saving me from hell? the worst place in all of exsistence? man your so consumed by your own racism you are blinded to the fact that THERE’S some of us that doesn’t care if our savior is a negro, he’s still my savior.

    • +PastorDowell So are you saying that only black folks will be saved ? Because I didnt mean to say that only white people are .

    • +Peter Schimanek the core issue here is truth ! factual,geographical,genealogical,and physiological truth ! to name a few,critical areas of discussion——Which primarily concerns the caucasoids tendency to DISAVOW,WHITEWASH,COVER-UP,EXPUNGE,AND SUPPRESS,when it pertains to black or early christian history—–Which is actually one in the same,since every significant character in the bible is black(not arab or white)including the HEBREWS and JESUS—-According to the paintings in egypt,early roman catacombs walls,and historically written facts by JOSEPHUS THE ROMAN HISTORIAN(born 37AD-100AD)—Along with just plain common sense in that joseph had to hide JESUS and MARY in black egypt ——-DUMMY !

  2. It says Jesus had bronze colored skin (like most middle eastern people still have today), and it says David was reddish in completion (like Adam). It .says Esau, Jacob’s twin brother, was reddish and very hairy. They obviously weren’t identical twins, but it’s a big stretch to think Jacob was black and Esau was white. It marks sense that they both looked allot like their grandfather Abraham… I honestly don’t think it matters one bit what colour Jesus was, but it literally says he had skin like bronze (or tan). Why wouldn’t it say he was black, if he was black? 

  3. You are very articulate and make good videos. But you need to repent and come to the one True church. Stop with the white wash nonsense. You mentioned it yourself about the Greeks coming over and intermixing with people of all nations. The truth is this was going on well before Alexander’s time. Nations weren’t as segregated as they are today. Have you seen what the persons look like? Look at the man and woman and I ran with their blue eyes and fair skin the possibility that Jesus was why you should not blow your mind

  4. The answer is .. absolutely NOT. White as in today’s white man appearance . He also was not a negro . He was an olive skinned Levant region Jew .

  5. Jesus was a jew.
    But he had “pale” skin, meaning he was white.
    But he was not caucasian.

    There are verses which clearly mention : His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow in the book of revelations.

  6. They can’t help themselves, i mean they lifted themselves higher then my father in heaven, they have let their pride fool them.Don’t expect much from people that walk around like their special.They vote against us all the time , i say their satan seeds and most os them know this.

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