20 thoughts on “We need each other

  1. I can appreciate your political,military, and lifestyle insights without agreeing to or observing the same ideologies. Blessings.

  2. There is not another Pastor around that is going to tell the people what they need to hear and not just tell them what they want to hear! Bless you Pastor! Shalom

  3. Will be phoning the dining hall in the next week. The only fellowship I have are my previous evangelical churches. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that when the shtf they will be dispersing 7 ways.
    Thanks for the rude wake up call over the years. 👍

  4. shalawam pastor, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you, I know that you are very busy, so I will keep trying. I left msgs w the dining hall.

  5. Reading a book I like called,” The Lost Ways”, its got some good stuff in it in my opinion. You can look it up here on YouTube, but some of the videos are kind of infomercialy though.

  6. This video is the very proof as to why I say nothing is ever going to change until we rid this two party system. These two parties are exactly the same. They both have their own special interest which has nothing to do with the middle class and the poor people of this country. Left wing Right wing still attached to the same dirty bird.

  7. I agree. Sadly. Trump is starting to flip flop too. He did not have a global strategy. And now he is hell bent on big wars. Ignoring domestic issues. Did people vote him in for big wars. I don’t think so. And when it goes to pot, and poop hits the fan, the government will not help the people. They won’t be given food. And water. They will perish pastor. So you people take notice of what the pastor is telling you. Because it’s true……really true….

  8. In Britain when a prime minister is elected by democratic process they are required to present themselves to the queen When a president is elected does he not have the same obligation to the military. Thats why once they are elected they change.

  9. Another great video Pastor Dowell, I’m trying to save money so I can move somewhere among like minds. The wife and I have been learning to fish 🐟 and I am trying to convince a cousin to teach me to hunt. We joined a conservation club last week where we can camp and fish year round. I grew up in Chicago so I’m a total city boy but I’m trying to change that. At least I have some skills from being in the military but there won’t be MREs in the wilderness when SHTF.

  10. I’m trying to explain exactly what you’re talking about. I’m not being heard. I’m wondering if the person in question will hear your video as correction if I fwd it, or will they take it as an attack from me?
    …I have to pray on it all.

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