This week I answer questions about, caffeine, coffee, protein, chocolate, Dr. Mercola, Getting kids to eat healthy, my favorite books, combining oils, my beard, respiratory disease, mucous causing foods and much more.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday Q&A -#429

  1. Ive maintained my same weight for over a year now (been documenting it). (within +/- 2lbs) Is that a good sign that i might be eating healthy/exercise?

  2. White tea and green tea can help keep people healthy as well as looking young, according to Naughton. The enzymes that the teas inhibit, as well as oxidants, are associated with many inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers.The high antioxidant levels in the teas also can help prevent health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Both teas protect against one of the most common free radicals that damages skin, called superoxide. Look it up on Google or WHFoods!

  3. @moralsupporter Ha, lol, going on a muscusless diet will help. A good amount of green juices and less acidic diet. I suggest a vegan diet for a while. that should help

  4. @thedurianking sorry, I guess i was wondering is it a good sign when someone (who doesn’t need to gain weight) is able to maintain their existing weight for over a year?(i also walk 2 miles 4-5 times a week too)..

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