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Of all the commandments in Torah, what commandments are we supposed to be keeping today?


20 thoughts on “What Commandments Should We Be Keeping Today?

  1. You talk about sacrifices at the third temple. Why do we need to make sacrifices if Yeshua was our Sin sacrifice? I really do not understand.Thank you My head is spinning from trying to learn so many new things. I have been praying for understanding and Yahweh has given me so much to try to take in.

  2. theres actually 14 but are in correctness the Ten Things, and most do not understand the Full depths and detail of them but to be fully obedient to them would bring unreal Blessings! In Love; Blessings and Shalom!

  3. The Almighty Fathers Law from the Start would contradict the Law of Mosheh, if the people had obeyed יהוה’s Commands- thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet- and had kept their part of the covenant then there would have been no need to Kill the Wicked transgressors! to not Trust and Know is a Sin, we are commanded to Believe in HIM, Love Him Above ALL things. justifying n upholding the actions of the wicked is an abomination! Kill off the sin nature, become a New Creature! right?!!! Shalom

  4. thought there was yet one more to be built then be destroyed* there is a bit yet more we have to see and go through. i’ll recheck on it. but worry not right?! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of יהוה! i just hope we can help pull more from out of the adversary’s grasp with יהוה’s Help… hate to see others suffer for the same wrongs ive done and am sad when some just wont heed from prior example but would rather learn the hard way. we all had our moments of er. In Love, Blessings and Shalom.

  5. i tried keeping the sabbath … but guess what i got fired from my job for keeping the sabbath….so if i was obeying then why would God allow my boss to fire me? you just said that if we obey we recieve blessings ….seems like my blessings have been snatched from me for keeping or tryin to keep the sabbath….very very confused an broken….

  6. who would want to be part of a job that says we should live against the word of God. If you are faithful He will bless you. If you doubt him you will not get that blessing.

  7. thanks for responding…but i have a question.. I tried spreading the word…like the fact jesus is not his name, how we should observe sabbath,not eating pork,etc. and i ended up loosing all my friends,my job,an ppl started despising me…am i being attacked by satan for truly believing?

  8. the commandments reg. priestly (sacrificial system) have received amendment through Yeshuah Messiah.He is Cohen HaGadol & was our perfect Passover Lamb that all the other offerings couldn’t match and only covered/kippur our sin, but pointed to Messiah, who once and for all took our sin away. We are also commanded to be a holy priesthood. Our body is our temple and our sacrifices is the circumcision of our heart in Loving God and our neighbor first & then follow the other remaining commandments.

  9. I wanted to have a “Yeshua” tattoo in hebrew word.It looks cool and I really like it..but its only for temporary…can I do it..? Is it a sin even for a temporary non-real tattoo?

  10. I don’t agree with your instruction because you are not being totally truthful and maybe you cant be because the oracles of God were not given to your people but according to the scriptures we must keep all HIS commandments to the best of our ability but we must be taught by a teacher so I urge the caller to seek proper guidance……amen

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