20 thoughts on “What does the Bible say about Health and Diet with Brad Scott

  1. I was at the conference where this was taped—you have to understand this is 10 minutes of a few days meetings—“open your ears that you may hear” and understand what is being said here—blessings and good health

  2. This is a Great clip.. There is a better way! Now is the day.

    One thing to make clear Paul is though the Messiah keeps Torah to the fullness,He is not YHWH ,but HIS Son.. This only Yahshua claimed to be nothing else.. and the apostle’s claimed Yahshua as the Son of ELOHIM- and John the Baptist called Yahshua the Lamb of ELOHIM.. Brad seems to worship the messiah as GOD.. this is a big error from the truth ..keep on seeking . as it was in the beginning so will it be in the end ..YHWH ECHAD.

  3. Thanks Brad, it is nice to hear someone who believes the truth and speaks it out. You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

  4. I stick with Genesis 1:29 which is God’s plan, John Kohler and you have created a garden of Eden in the front yard, these are good examples. I will not join the fallen as stated in the rest of the Bible. Thank you, Paul, for letting us hear what others are saying.

  5. Bravo, no creepy crawly things for me either. Unclean things effect your body and soul. Eat clean, live clean and enjoy health, its fleeting.

  6. After I received an urgent prayer request from a Christian brother on You Tube who is suffering from a severe gall stone attack, I did a search on the subject “the Bible diet for health” and your video caught my attention. Everything you say makes sense to me. I’m sending him this video with prayers that his heart and mind will be inspired and he will be healed soon. Thank you. God bless you! With love from Canada, Evy

  7. I have a cookerybook based on The Bible and I would really like to use. But I think it´s a little hard. Some recipies contain things that grow wild in the nature and I don´t know what they look like. Maybe I should take classes?

    Just aquestion though: Is there any support in The Bible for a totally vegetarian lifestyle? I know it says something in the beginning but I can´t write it in english (it´s not my native tongue).

    Love to you all from Livsangel.

  8. lamb, cow and chicken are clean in the bible… what do they look like when you cut them open? Jesus eat all of these things plus bread, fish, honey, milk

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