What does the Bible say about keeping the Sabbath?

It is said that the Bible’s rules on Shabbat are “like a mountain hanging from a string”… It is so important, yet so little is written about how to keep it! But fear not… Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon have the answer!

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15 thoughts on “What Does the Bible Say About Keeping the Sabbath? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon

  1. Hey guys, if someone supports you and the Word of YHWH from the biblical prospective that you preach it would be nice if you didn’t delete their comments even if others want to speak against it. Blessings of YHWH be upon you all.

    • Yahshu1 we rarely delete comments. Often only because they do not reference the actual teaching. But people can delete their own comments and usually do after rethinking their words.

    • Shalom, thank you for replying, someone posted a comment which I responded to, but it disappeared from the main comments page, yet the conversation continued under the notifications area, I most humbly apologise and ask forgiveness for thinking you had removed the post. May the Set Apart One of Israel Highly Favour you and Guard you. 

  2. Love the Karaite view on the scriptures. They are definitely closer to the Bible. Our faith should be based on the Torah and the words of the Prophets.Praise MarYah!

  3. Shalom, I have a question for Nehemia please, Does the Torah teach a “flat earth”? I don’t find it but then again I don’t know the Torah well enough, just a babe in Torah. I have asked Rabbi Alon Anava and he says no “flat earth”, I would like to know from a Karaite Jew’s perspective please, if I am being rude please say so. There are Messianic/Hebrew roots??? teachers who are teaching the Torah says a “flat earth” but I am trying to establish by 2 or 3 witnesses who are true Jews (I certainly hope I’ve chosen the right men to ask) what the Torah says. May the dust of your Rabbi cling to you, Blessings and Shalom to you all and your families.

    • Thanks for the reply, me thinks YHWH  is telling me I need to study to show myself approved. So I can see “IT IS WRITTEN”.
      May YHWH Highly Favour you and Guard you,
      May YHWH turn HIS Expressions to you and bow down to serve you,
      May YHWH turn HIS FACE to you and give you HIS Shalom that surpasses all understanding.
      May the dust of your Rabbi cling to you

  4. I must agree with both of you, when the rich man told Jesus he observes all the commandments since his childhood Jesus in reply told him to FOLLOW HIM instead if he wanted to be PERFECT…..meaning that following the commandments does not make you perfect.

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