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People often ask me what I consume each day on my raw food diet. It has changed during the years but in this video I'm showing you what I currently consume each day.


36 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day On My Raw Food Diet

  1. I think you are beautiful. I find your appearance very sexy and masculine. Keep your beard it is amazing. I Love your intelligence and I admire your passion for what you do,  Thank you for the informative vids.  I have just started a new way of eating and thanks to you I now have a good idea which direction to go,  I am A Fan.  I have sent your vid to my sister in hopes of helping her change her lifestyle as well. Shalom.

  2. Ignore those negative postings about your beard.  You are beautiful the way you are.  I appreciate your contribution to the health and nutrition of your followers.

  3. LMBO you’re too much. Two months ago I would have watched this and thought you were crazy but I’m vegan now too!!! Woot woot

  4. I love avocado, sprinkled with pepper. Just eat with a small spoon. Yummy! You can also make chocolate pudding with avocado, cocoa powder, and agave nectar, in your food processor. Refrigerated for a few hours, and boom! Delicious dessert ❤️

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