What is God’s REAL name… and how do we know for sure? Well, Nehemia Gordon has some amazing historical insight on the answer! Join us for part 5 of The Karaite Files, as he and Michael Rood tackle this weighty subject.

And don't miss the Q&A segment with Bill Cloud, as he helps to answer some very specific questions surrounding the Biblical Feasts.

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8 thoughts on “What is God’s REAL name? (with Michael Rood & Nehemia) – Shabbat Night Live – 10/14/16

  1. thank you Nehemiah I love when you explain things. I don’t think u would give us false information. u have to answer to the Father also. Shalom brother!

    • Thank you so much. YeHoVah blesses you for both of your work. Can we say that the Government, Obama, is the high priest or would it be the pope, and the politicians creating the law, or would it be the Jesuit’s that are the pharisees just like in Egypt at the time of Moses and the exodus.?

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