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Torah Lifestyle

In this panel, the gentlemen discuss what it means to to live a Torah lifestyle. How we should be reaching out to the Lost Sheep of Israel and showing our Christian family & friends understand our change in life.

Stay tuned after the video for our replies to our previous video panel discussing Holy Days vs. Holidays.

This will be a video that is shared that night (pre-recorded). Live events will happen in the future so you can interact with the panel!Join us for an online event featuring ministries across the Net!

Online Video Panel with four ministries united in Torah bring you a video presentation and panel discussing current events as it relates to the Scriptures.

Paul Nison – Torah LIfe Ministires

Lex B Meyer – Unlearn

Zachary Bauer – New2Torah

Sal Baldovinos – T'shuva Ministries


24 thoughts on “What Is Living The Torah Lifestyle?

  1. How can u rationalize with insanity when those that are insane can not ,do not, or will not recognize where their at!? You can’t, only the Holy Spirit can…. You can not show ppl the truth. They must see it for themselves in their personal walk or relationship with Yahushua… I ask my wife or ppl in general if Yahuah said not to eat chocolate would u have to question it or pray about even debate it!? Will ppl put down personal truth for Yahuah’s truth!? Yielding, surrendering or self sacrifice our lives unto Yahuah…. Have any of you gave unto Yahuah n unto Yahuah alone? With no appraisal, approval or acceptance of others!? There are all kinds of giving but have you asked Yahuah what He wants from you!? Are we commissioned by Yahuah!?

  2. I agree with you about not being Torah terrorist.  We must be loving, beating people over the head with Torah/Truth can do more harm than good.

  3. My husband and I were in the United Pentecostal Church ( for over 20 years (raised Southern Baptist) but now we are Torah Seeking/Sabbath Observant.  We still believe that having the Holy Spirit infilling is very important.  Could you do a session on this?   My husband & I watched this and the session before.  We really like that you are not promoting “Torah Terrorism”.  🙂   Keep up the good work!  We enjoy each of your YouTube channel videos.  

  4. That Is me you are talking about with the Wife and  that is fine I will move on , You have no right to judge me about keeping the things that I love ,Remember that Peter left his wife and kids to follow the WORD.

  5. One thing Sunday-‘Sabbath’ Christians need to understand is that in the Book OF Acts, it shows the Apostles, disciples and even the gentiles keeping Shabbat 84 times.  In short, and if anything, that should show people that the true Sabbath is still in place. (Even on Sunday, they do not follow the guidelines of Shabbat)

  6. I would like to request a topic if I could. It’s a growing problem, at least in my little sphere, and that being of a teaching that many are referring to as the “sacred name” movement. As a former Baptist minister degreed and trained in theology and Biblical languages and having come explosively to Torah 3 years ago, what some so-called Torah teachers are teaching out there is alarming. One gentleman (who by-the-way has quite a following on FB) recently referred to the “Christian Jesus Christ” as the “Easter pig”, slain on the altar. What? Again, with “amens” all around, he stated that if you didn’t or don’t come to the Father through the correct name then there is no mercy for you. I am referring most people that will listen to 119’s video titled Korah, and to your ministries. Can you guys help? Thanks for the wonderful teaching! May Abba bless you through Yeshua. Shalom.

  7. Thank you for your many discussions which have helped me know I am on the narrow and difficult path. I have been severely attacked for my beliefs even though I never tell anyone they must believe and do as I do. I merely share my beliefs with Christians, Atheists and Homosexuals who have banned me from my right to free speech on Disqus. But not before they publically humiliate and berate me deleting all my comments without any prior knowledge or warnings I am doing anything wrong.

    All the Scriptures you give in many of your individual teachings are the same ones they throw at me but twist to make them sound as though I am the one denying and disobeying the Father and twisting HIs Word.

    May you each be richly blessed for bringing truth in a sea of deception.

    Shalom to each of you.

    • I worked for the same company for 18 years and when I couldn’t take the sinfulness of my environment any more, I retired early taking a big loss in income and a leap of faith and got out. My life has changed so drastically and so wonderfully it is nothing less than miraculous. When I made the decision to observe the Sabbath, Yahway started taking care of me. I have given my life to HIm as his servant and He has changed my life . I am so happy and at peace with life now. That first step took courage and faith but it was soooo with it.

  8. Yes amen! we need people to tres more modest im eving covering my head, there never enough of Gods word and transformation _ renewe through the holy spirit… I love righteousness_ while living in this word to make it to the heavenly kingdom_ by grace we are safe… Amen.

    I have one question_ do you guys approve sacrifice of animals??

  9. Thanks for the teaching, Sal, on the dangers of this path. I’m so excited to learn Torah and how to obey God as a saved person by faith in Yeshua, but I find my heart becoming hard or prideful with my Church body, my Christian family who isn’t interested in changing their ways to obey the Bible better. My friends in church have Faith and love in Christ and bear fruit and just don’t want to change from pagan or church ways to Hebraic ways.

  10. There are 2 creation stories in Genesis, listen to God when He said creation was finshed showing us the first man and woman were not given names and they were created AFTER plants and animals because consumption of other life forms create our biological cells. God creates by evolution and programed the DNA that is our tree of life. We are still in the 6th day of creation as new stars, planets and life on earth is born every day but the method is established of how that process exists.
    Then God shows the pagan Hebrew story of their Lord God’s creation of man, a real work of fiction that has a talking snake that is so magical people believe snakes can talk. This is the creation story Abraham made up out of his imagination just like the person that invented Oden or Zeus. Abraham invented his God so as a Lord, he could rule as a God by convincing people God chose only him above all other people on the planet. But that story in the Bible is presented so it can be seen for what it is… a murderous, greedy, Mafia style cult.
    Human sacrifice to a God is murder, always was and always will be. Killing parents to take young children as personal slaves is worse than whoremongering and that is exactly what the chosen of Lord God do. Abraham sold his wife for money but that fact is written to make Abraham appear like the victim. If Abraham had really been the chosen of God then Abraham could go anywhere and never fear anyone because he would have God’s protection. Abraham invented Lord God so he could rule as the LORD of the OT and claim the right to kill people that disagree. But he will accept money from people so they will not be killed. That is extortion. Abraham also set up his religion so that people that want to leave will be killed because he wants them in his religion to keep paying money for sin that his group define as sin. The idol of Abraham is money and he will even kill children to attain it by demanding war.
    Abaham cares nothing about his family and threw his first son out into the desert to die not caring how that child or his mother might suffer and not caring if they lived or died. He did not want to be just or a father to his first son. Abraham calls himself righteous but has love in his heart only for himself.
    The first clue our Father gave us that the Devil’s story is going to be told is there is no dust for Lord God to make anything with because God had already made the entire world wet with life, in the earth and on it. There were generations of people alive in the DAY Lord God created his story and understand that “Lord” is Abraham, the self appointed King God of the Hebrews that had it written his sons ARE Gods so the Lord God title is passed down through his blood of incest. The sons kept the wrathful, war demanding, Lord God stories going so they could stay in power. They said God demands animal sacrifice which is a lie The serpent was the most subtil Lord God created because Lord God is the serpent. That is why John the Baptist and Jesus called the sons of Abraham “vipers”. Abraham’s sons spread Abraham’s poisionous lies that kill life as truth.
    Then see this …Cain was afraid of those that were equal to his power to kill when he was cast out among those already created by the real God of the universe. Eden is earth and the Garden is symbolic for Peace. Earth could never have peace again when the lies of Abraham were cast out and believed as truth.
    The mark of Cain is Death by War. Who would avenge a self serving killer that kills innocent people, if those attacked defend themselves and kill killers like Cain? Who would avenge an evil murderer of even his own family? The DEVIL would avenge a murderer and allow them to go anywhere they want to kill, because the Devil needs killers and supports first stike against innocent victims even members of their bloodline. Jesus called Abraham the Devil.
    “Cain” was intentionally cast out among other people to kill, by believers in Abraham. The punishment is 7 fold because 7 nuclear armed nations fight to defend themselves against aggressive killers in an unwinnable by anyone final nuclear world war that kills all biological life on earth. The victims die so the killer is avenged as the killer dies. The day the first self serving, unjust, religious killer that believed the lies of Abraham, was cast out into the world to serve his own self exaltation, the world was doomed. Jesus was sent to teach Cain, Adam and Abraham are the seed of self serving killers so do not believe in them. Those that fight with the sword will be killed by the sword. See Abraham in the kingdom of God then be cast out with Abraham because God does not accept self serving killers in His kingdom.
    Jesus is not a killer and never will be because Jesus fulfills the command of God to not kill, forgive your enemies and be merciful. The sword of Jesus is truth that destroys lies that Abraham is chosen by God. Jesus called Abraham the Devil, father of the lie. Belief in that Devil that is called righteous in 3 religions, Jews, Paul’s deceived human sacrificers, and Islam will cause the final war on this planet because they can not tolerate each others existance. They are all expecting a killer Christ to destroy everyone that does not agree with their beliefs and they are all built with the seed of Abraham’s lies. It is the tree that bears no fruit as it branched from the root belief of Abraham as chosen by God but going in completely different directions that hate each other saying only they are the branch that bears fruit, acceptance by God.
    Jesus gave a parable about this when the tree that has no fruit was told to be cut down but the sevant refused and wanted to dung the tree to see if it bears fruit. That dung is MOX, nuclear waste that is used to create a thermonuclear war. Jesus never lies, the tree is dead so stop belief in Abraham completely because Abraham was never chosen by God. There is no future generations of life on earth because WW3 is a great extinction of Homo Sapiens event, the end of days, the Sabbath where God rests and never has anything born on this planet again. Earth will remain a dead planet covered in radiation, the fire of Hell that covers all the unmerciful that lie under it. The king of kings and lord of lords is Radiation and it is Raditation that rules earth as all people on earth sacrifice their life to it. There will be a future day all eyes will see the truth Jesus taught, to love everyone as you love yourself, and will be ashamed they ever desired a war to rule earth.

  11. I live in North Carolina and I can’t find a Masonic Jewish church. How do I begin to search for one? Do you have a list of Masonic churches in each of the states?

  12. Consider understand that Torah is a gift from our Father to His church and a beautiful gift of understanding of who he is and his love for all his creation. Blessings and an informative and very important video.

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