Is marriage defined by the Bible (Christianity) or the law (a piece of paper)?

Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood continue their inspiring discussion series where they answer YOUR questions of faith!

Tonight, they give an in depth answer to the burning question, "What is Biblical marriage?" You won't want to miss the heartfelt story behind this question.

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34 thoughts on “What is Marriage? – Q&A with Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood

  1. Given how the government says it’s OK for two men and two women to get married, and the Bible calls it an abomination and unseemly, I’d say the piece of paper is useless and of no real value in the kingdom of God.

    • Please pray for my Nephew Elijah, He has been fighting a cancer that has been growing in his Bones. He has two in the skull that is now putting pressure into his brain. any moment it can erupt. Elijah is only 9 years old. We need miracle. No doctors cant help I believe In YHVH who is the Healer. Please pray I got the news today. I like to see the tumor completely gone tomorrow.

    • Macroni, we have been praying for you! Please know that we are liftng Elijah’s healing daily in the office. We pray that the Father will remove all traces of cancer from his body and that he has a total recovery. Keep us updated if you need anything at all.

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      I came out of christianity myself, I am hoping to finish my testomony so i can send it to you. However, I do believe in the resurrection life. And I believe that the Torah is important today, So I Know that YHVH can do a miracle. continue to pray

  2. best marriage counseling Torah Knows Best and God bless you I pray for a revitalization of the true meaning make this country great again

  3. I don’t know for sure but it seemed that FATHER YAHWEH put on my heart the other day that the reason that there are so many divorces now days is that the people are not waiting on FATHER YAHWEH THE ONE TRUE GOD to bring them together with the exact right one for them. Rather they are allowing the adversary to guide their decisions using pride and validation, most people are drawn to their partners because they want them to validate their own sense of pride,for instance someone might say ” look at how good I am and see who much they love me, and because the other person loves me so much that validates that” . FATHER GOD YAHWEH THE GREAT I AM said , no man put usunder what GOD has brought together” Now a marriage where the people have prayed and asked GOD to bring them the perfect spouse, well that marriage is protected because GOD said HIS word does not return unto HIM void but rather it accomplishes that which HE sets out. AND GOD said I HE brought that union together then no man will break it apart. I was so much in love with someone when I was young and really just came for forgive them for breaking my heart and was feeling badly because I told GOD in my heart, it was my pride and wanting looking to him to prop that pride of mine up , and I feel the Holy spirit , Ruah Ho Kodesh,  that said to my heart, ” You were looking to him to validate you.” I thought to GOD , that really is not fair to him to put that kind of pressure on another human being who is just human to validate us. As far as the gay marriage thing, I will never be mean to gay people , some are so very nice people but I will never agree that gay marriage is ok because of what GOD thinks about it , and all sin for that matter , but because of Sodom and Gohmorah , that tells me it is very serious. I feel that the adversary has set up senarios of abuse ect. to get an opening into the gay peoples lives so as to confuse them and convince them to do acts against GOD’S perfect creation, the adversary is basically corrupting GOD’S perfect design and using humans to do that , but they just don’t understand. But Love the sinner , hate the sin and anything that goes against our Beautiful GOD, I felt GOD put this scripture on my heart because I was also confused as to what to think about the gay marriage position.  We are to love them and pray for them , GOD put on my heart , I feel it was anyway , This scripture ” GOD does not delight in the death of the wicked , rather HE would have them to turn from their wicked ways and receive HIS mercy. “

  4. MAY YAHWEH please bless you both for the work you do in HIS Kingdom, I have had my eyes opened to the truth because of FATHER YAHWEH leading me to your teachings and one very important one, Raiders of the lost book. Thank you and YAHWEH please bless you both. Great teachings.

  5. Under State law you need a certificate of marriage, speaking as someone from the UK. However if they are married in a ceremony with witnesses in all seriousness they are married in the eyes of God, the rules of state law should be applied wherever you are at least from a christian position in accordance with Jesus words ( give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but give to God what belongs to God.) Insults and name calling are not a right way to behave towards another human being.

    • Hello RedDwarfism we agree to be recognized by the State or the Law that you have to have a certificate but in this instance those that were accusing this woman were believers. We are simply addressing the body of the believers.

    • +ARoodAwakening Of course no dispute here, I would like to state that a big part of being a christian is love for God and neighbour, where is the love in insults and jibes?

  6. this is what the church gets for its blasphemy. to turn your back on that widow, and to call that orphan a bastard? repent now. speak that truth Nehemia! and people keep asking me why I don’t attend church anymore? because the God of the universe and his people are not found there.

    • +ARoodAwakening Nehemia told the story about the, “Hebrew Yeshua versus the Greek Jesus”. He said it was you sir that encouraged him to research and then write that book. That work, got me through a crisis of faith. the more research I did the more I figured out how much of the Word had been changed. I thought that there was no way to know the truth of our God. That we had literally mistranslated it for so long that the true Word of God was lost. I give thanks to Yehovah for you, may He continually bless the work of your hands.

  7. Most Patriot Pastors in America will not join a couple in marriage if they obtain a Marriage Licence.
    And of course they will not incorporate their Church under the Federal government through a 501(C)3.

  8. Yes it is a (biblical ) practice in areas of the U.S. if you make
    known you live together as husband and wife you are recognized as such
    however if you decide you no longer desire to be together you are
    required to obtain a LEGAL DIVORCE.

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