Is marriage defined by the Bible (Christianity) or the law (a piece of paper)?

Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood continue their inspiring discussion series where they answer YOUR questions of faith!

Tonight, they give an in depth answer to the burning question, "What is Biblical marriage?" You won't want to miss the heartfelt story behind this question.

Later, the "Best Of Michael Rood" summer continues with episode 1 of Lessons on the Way to Sinai. Hear the story of the Israelites baptism as they journey closer to God in "Mikvehed on the Red Sea"!

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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11 thoughts on “What is Marriage? (with Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon) – Shabbat Night Live – July 29, 2016

  1. Great teaching as always , I wonder why the sea took all nite with walls of water still their after that day next too just like the movie of the wind doing it rite away but interesting as well the heart felt letter of the Q&A . Forgive me if am wrong but wasn’t last week starting into the story of Porum and the Arabian nights or was that in the bible study video? Because Mr Rood you had me all ears just from the way you tell it and was looking to when Mordecai was about to come in the story, thanks shalom.

    • I am giving you the first in the series. Now you can get it on DVD or Blueray. I am glad you enjoyed the introduction – it gets better with each episode

    • Thanks that is great of a series of that, it’s like Michael tell the story with sound effects without sound effects just from all the details.

  2. Awesome told so many to watch. My friend LOVES this woman and have a child by her and feels he is living in sin according to the church and feel as though HIS child my God daughter is made out of wedlock. Wow you and Nehemiah are answering questions that is on a lot of people’s mind. I love you guys.

  3. Interesting, so the whole story of Egypt & the Exodus is a shadow picture of our fallen state and salvation…we were slaves in a land that subdued us to the system of idolatry (slaves to sin)…we were brought out, rescued (Moses foreshadowed Yeshua) and mikvah’d into new life of devotion to Yehovah and His statues. Amazing, thank you for this teaching.

  4. Mr. Rood, Something weighs heavy upon my mind. Animal sacrifices. I understand the Passover lamb and SORT of comprehend (accept) the scape goat sacrifice, but all of the other blood letting, I do not. Can you explain or have you ever explained the symbolism of the many animals, and in their specified numbers? I just do not get it. I tend to think these were ADDED to Scripture.

  5. TODA ABBA !!!!! Yehovah has answered me after 3 years with the same question as the new bride who lost her husband !!!! John and I went through the same problem only I went through it alone. When John passed is when our Messianic Center found we had no official paper work . We had been calling each other husband and wife for thirty years. The church expelled me and the night before Johns funeral , when the second pastor discovered this, he called to say he could no longer do the
    funeral !!! Johns body was not commit to the ground by a holy man. BUT, before all this ugliness from my church, by the grace of Yehovah, I SAW JOHN BEHIND THE VEIL , YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL IN A WHITE ROBE BEFORE I WOKE UP TO FIND JOHN PASSED AWAY NEXT TO ME IN BED!!!! God has since been closer than He ever was before. Toda Abba, Toda Yeshua..

  6. Thank you ! Michael Rood, for your wonderful teaching. I am 57 years old and I am finally learning about things in the Bible although I have known a lot of the things you teach, it is so refreshing to hear the truth that I learned from the Holy Spirit, coming from another brother in Yeshua. You would be amazed at how many ways our lives have been similar. Semper Fi ! Be blessed.

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