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  1. you guys forgot to emphasize about the Power of the Word of God and that Jesus said that He is the Word of God. And that the Bible is the Living Word of God that penetrates and transform hearts.

    • I know – I’m one of the biggest fans of these guys & their work (and I still am) and I was taken aback a little by your point too. At least it would be good to show how from the start of the Torah (Gen ch 1) “the Word” of God is respected as God himself. You see this theme throughout Scripture & even in Isa that chapter about “so shall my Word be…shall not return to me void…” I think this a big key for few reasons, John 1 not being the least. I mean, I know (myself included for many of my younger years) many are a bit over excited about the Bible being holy (some even thinking the King James version is some sort of apex!), and their are good philosophical discussions on what exactly is the “verbalization of God’s will” (my own phrase).

    • I think for people who aren’t believers it’s a good starting point, eventually getting people to the point to understand just how important Jesus is. He’s the Son of God after all and one with the Father. This is an educational video really. I think this is just showing the bare bones basics of what the Bible is. It’s a good way to lead people who are resistant to Christianity into understanding the amazingness of our God!

  2. Your videos are so good so far, please versions in Spanish or subtitles, it’s for people we want share but they don’t speak English. (I’m sure is a common request)

    • Win For Skin you wanna share the word then tell ppl the truth that the real jews are in today’s America not israel. living out the curses in duetoromy 28:68 and many more

  3. As a Muslim I really love this channel, you guys make everything simpler to understand. I hope one day y’all would think about making a comparison of the stories told in the Quran with those in the Bible.

    • Joel Mewengkang bcs we are sure about the god and the story og life so these feeling is pushing us to asking “why they are not believing ,unbelieavble ” but we are forgetting these is THE GOD ‘s choice not us quran is saying that a lot of times
      “ALLAH created the jinns humans for the hell ” example

    • Joel Mewengkang Well you see, most of the time, if not all the time, atheist are somewhat agressif when it’s about the Unique God. I mean, any devout Muslim, Christian or Jew would join in to defend their beliefs, right?

    • I am the real Zeepy which one? what do u think everybody will go to the paradise? not only non belivers , a lot of muslim will go the hell . of course muslims will go to the paradise after ending of punishment but they will never go out from the hell EVER NEVER ,
      ALLAH gave promise to the hell and said to the devil

    • It is hard for me to return to a conversation where people do not listen to reason. I cannot continue a conversation with people that ignore the parts of my responses and I have to repeat myself over and over again. That shows nearly everyone in this thread doesn’t care about my position, and they are 100% certain of their own world view. They aren’t willing to consider the latter, and they make very rash assumptions about my beliefs. It is very frustrating to talk to some people that do all of these things. That is why I am no longer responding. No point.

    • Kathryn Mercier
      Please provide evidence that every single one of the 39 signers explicitly stated the US was not founded on Christian principles. Quotes?
      Thomas Jefferson, the “deist”, held and attended church in the White House every Sunday. You my friend are confusing liberty with spiritual foundation. Because the founders were classical liberals, they created a government as limited as possible in order to allow people and small communities the freedom to regulate and govern themselves. This does not mean they did not believe Christianity was not foundational to the culture and functioning of the United States.
      Either way the success or failure of the US does not testify for or against the truth of God, Christianity, and the Scripture.

    • Kathryn Mercier
      In response to Lot and his daughters, what happened was indeed evil. You are confusing the choices of humanity in the Bible with the Lord’s law of morality. Lot’s daughters conceived sons from him, and those sons went off to father two tribes in direct opposition to Israelites. Those are the consequences for such evil actions.

      Furthermore, the Bible states repeatedly all incest is evil. Just refer to the book of Leviticus chapter 18, forbidden sexual practices as passed down to Moses by God. It can’t get more explicit than that. Such an oversight makes me wary of your claims.

  4. I’m an exmuslim, accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior a year ago. this channel helped me allot in the beginning of my journey to learn about Jesus and the Bible. I hope you translate these videos to Arabic, they will be so useful to millions of people. Please contact me, I’m ready to help in this translation project.

    Thank you.

    • Jayden Banks
      He was also a prophet. He is referred to as such numerous times in the New Testament. The key point is that he wasn’t ONLY a prophet.

    • Daniel Randall excuses me apologies if I sound rude it unintentional but can provide pages please . Any I believe they should have made it clear jesus is the son of the living God the only begotten.

    • No problem. There are many instances of people calling Jesus a prophet, including Matthew 21:11, Luke 7:16 and John 4:19. In Mark 6:4 Jesus clearly references himself as a prophet.
      But I think the most significant thing is Moses’ declaration of a future prophet who would arise out of Israel (Deuteronomy 18:18), which is subsequently referenced in Acts 3:22 and 7:37.
      Jesus is the fulfillment of this prophecy. He is the prophet that would arise out of Israel, wielding the Word of God and obeying his Father.
      Indeed, Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of being a prophet; relayed God’s word, performed miracles, prophesied the future, and he healed and performed miracles.
      The crucial thing to recognize is that he was not just a mere prophet like the men who came before him. He is the incarnate Son of God, the Lord God himself.

    • Jayden Banks. Jesus was a prophet. But He was the ultimate prophet, being God Himself. Yes, God is a prophet, hence why He gave so many prophecies. When men speak prophecies, they do it by God, through the Holy Spirit.

    • Ahmed Khan, Jesus Christ was sacrificed so that you could have a way out of a world filled with sin and darkness. It is only through Him the gates of heaven be opened. Be blessed.

    • You don’t need to believe what we believe. But, learning the bible is a good way to learn more about your religion since Muhammad did use christianity to spread the islamic religion.

    • On the contray I cannot live with myself without Jesus. Jesus has done so much to my heart, my mind and my soul. Before I became saved I only understood what I could see with my eyes and hear with my ears. But when I received the Holy Spirit I was able to understand those things which I could not. The Holy Spirit is tangible. It isn’t wishy washy something to hope for. No, you know the presence of the Holy Spirit is there because you can FEEL it. When you know Jesus, you know God. You interact with Him. You have a relationship with Him. You are convicted for all wrong doing and you desire to do what is right. But most importantly you feel God’s love. Love isn’t a concept. It is something you can touch with your innermost being. I have Jesus inside of my heart. This is how I know He is real. Not because I was preached to or because I saw Heaven or hell. Because He lives in me. Every Christian experiences the presence of Christ. It’s not a concept. Jesus lives. And He lives in those who follow Him in Spirit and in truth. You cannot possibly undertand what it is like as a non believer because it first requires faith to experience. You have no faith so you do not experience His supernatural presence. Ask Him into your heart and you can experience the same.

    • He will add a Knight iLoveJESUS! Gods’ Not dead HE’s TRULY ALIVE! All Glory be Unto The True King of kings Lord of lords Jesus of Nazareth Son of Joseph!
      Romans 1
      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    • Faith is what religious people have when they have no good reason to believe something is true.
      If religious had a good reason (or evidence) then they wouldn’t need faith.

      Does your mythical satan have faith in god existing?
      Obviously AGAIN faith itself is NOT the answer.

      These things are are simple logic, simplistic human reasoning. For you not to get it, shows something is wrong in your reasoning ability, it is retardation that scientists confirm is religious delusion. Even when presented with clear logic and simple reasoning you will still hold onto your unfounded fears and Stockholm syndrome of falsely loving the monster.

      Instead of replying back, stop and think to yourself, why in the hell do you believe in absurd nonsense filth about a zombie jesus, who ‘sacrificed’ himself to be god of you. Wow I know of EVERYONE dying and NOT becoming a mythical god, obviously everyone is better than your god, we sacrifice a hell of a lot more that being praised for eternity listening to people’s schizophrenia all day!

      If the complete lack of evidence is not enough for you?
      And if ALL human reasoning and logic points away from a mythical god!
      And even history informs us where this pagan religion was plagarized from.
      And even the fact that 2000 years ago in Arab land, yep people were ignorant plus.
      If the mere fact that as time goes by you must accept more things against your own bible.
      And then you must re-interpret your ‘perfect’ mythical god’s text, worse idea in communication.

      Then what are you holding on to? Scared of dying is it? I’d be more scared of wasting this only life you have. You do not lose your morals when you lose your filth god, you gain more 😉

    • Are you really still at this? At the end of your reply you said ” I’d be more scared of wasting this only life you have.” How ironic you pouring out your emotions in long comments telling ME I’m wasting MY life when YOUR”E the one arguing on the internet, keyboard warrior. Just look at your profile pic. lol. I bet do the same thing on other videos like this, too.

    • Thousands, I have lost count.
      I feel it may help someone think and regain some of their forgotten reasoning ability. In my view it’s worth it.
      What would you do if stacks of people were saying praise Thor? Respect their opinion? Or maybe tell them the truth, there is no evidence of your god.

  5. i used to hate god, and i was “anti” christian but i’ve found god and jesus and i’m reading the bible now, my life has changed and i’m happy

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