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  1. Yeah, I think Paul(?) mentioned too that if one cannot/does not even love his brother who he can see, how can he say/claim he loves God who he can’t/doesn’t see…. Also very important and interesting to note that in Mark chapter 12 starting with first 28 the answer to the number one greatest command is firstly “Understand and believe [this first] Oh Israel, our God is one [lord/person]”. Before we love God we have to know who he is to know who exactly to love. We would do well to be sure we know what it means that our God is one, one Lord, as it, according to Jesus, is part of the single greatest commandment in the whole of the law.

    • Also yeah id have to say though, the number 1 command is know who God is and then love him as #1. I love my neighbor however would not worship idols with him because he asked me to and i love him. Bad example but you should get my point

    • Blessed B’nei Ha Elohim I’ve put a lot of thought into this, to prove and to protect the Diety and Godship of Christ. To start this off I would like to say I love you buddy. Let’s look at Scripture the Word of God. In the Gospel of John, Thomas says when seeing Jesus alive from the grave he says: And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. John 20:28 KJV Right there in Scripture we have someone proclaiming Jesus as his Lord and his God.

    • MyJesus Messiah Thank you for your sincere response. Being called God in the Bible does not make you the actual only true God. Jesus himself pretty much says this in John 10:35. The truth is human beings(Kings/Judges) and Angels, usually representing God, were completely allowed to be called God in the Bible. I encourage you to investigate this for yourself. I already gave you one example with John 10:35. Secondly getting called Lord in the Bible does not make you God at all. Being called lord in the bible is simply being called “master”. God is our ultimate master, however we do have other masters/lords. Your king, like David or Jesus would also be your lord. So while Yahweh is our Lord God, or our Lord who is our Lord because he is the God, Jesus is our Lord Messiah/Christ/King. He is our Lord because God has made him our King/Messiah (just like David was made Israel’s Lord but obviously not their ultimate Lord, not their Lord God)

    • Okay so the scripture I cited to you isn’t referring to Jesus as one of his gods or a god but as the God or Lord God. Also in the same Gospel that is being John’s let’s look at Jesus’ many I am statements and we know from that the Lord God, Father God referred to himself as I AM that I AM in Exodus. Jesus uses this same statement as the eternal God, when he says “before Abraham was I am” he is the I AM and he was before Abraham and everything and only God can be that. Also lets look at the beginning of John when Jesus as the Word and the Word being God and then the Word becoming flesh. Also in Isiah (if im not mistaken) Jesus is called Immanuel, which is interpreted as, God with us.

  2. True love God love your neighbor as yourself. One command yet he gives two laws. I think the trinity should be unity. One people One God One God name. John 17

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