When and what is the Jubilee Year? Does it coincide with the Sabbatical Year? How do we observe it? Do we need to let the land rest?
So many questions, but luckily Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon have the answers!
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12 thoughts on “What is the Jubilee Year? – Q&A with Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon

  1. i respect that neihama is well learned but he doesnt belive in Yeshua, why is he always on the show, its kind off disrespectful that keeps saying he doesnt believe in Yeshua a , next we can get a muslim because they belive isa is the messiah

    • +Cherry Williams I cover this in The Judges DVD series. The Greek word is stake. The Hebrew word is wood. How wood was used as an execution implement varied according to culture, time, and nation. In Babylon (Esther) it was an impaling stake – translated as Gallows. In first century Rome it was a cross – a pagan symbol – that was translated Staros in Greek, and both Tree and Cross in English. It was a Roman Cross – not a King James English TREE. The Roman historical attestations are beyond dispute.

    • +ARoodAwakening
      Thank you for your answer
      But is kinda hard for me
      I mean do my investigation and it says that stauros is translated as cross but the real meaning of station is stake upright pole
      and some say that it Yeshua died on a wood it could be a cross or a upright pole they don’t know
      is kinda hard for me
      But i just gotta keep investigating
      thanks for answering 😄.

    • +Cherry Williams it matters not what the “Strongs” definition is. Biblical words must be translated culturally. New Testament Greek is usually describing a Hebrew culture. The execution stake however, was Roman – it was a cross made of wood. It is not historically questioned.

  2. Spending my Shabbat as I often do, watching Michael’s videos. Let’s assume the Temple was destroyed in 68CE, and was after the Jubilee (67CE as the Jubilee). Every 50 (and 100 years) is a Jubilee, then this might be of significance:

    The Balfour Declaration, giving Israel the right to occupy the land occurred in 1917. In 1967, Israel gained control of the city of Jerusalem. Twice, the land is returned to the original owner. The next Jubilee would be 2017. And, a significant astronomical event occurs that year. Hmmm….

  3. Nehemiah was born into a Orthodox Jewish home .
    Nehemiah is true root.
    Apostle Paul warned gentiles not to boast against the root.
    If you truly have the spirit of the one who purchased the church with his own blood(Acts20:28))Yahshua aka Jesus you would love the Jewish people.
    (Matthew15:24) Iam not sent but for the lost sheep of Israel.
    Romans 11:25 blindness in part has happened to Israel,until the fulness of Gentile’s be come in.

  4. In terms of the correct Shemitah year, if a person in Israel has been planting and reaping crops for several year, will they not notice it when Yehovah suddenly multiplies the increase in a specific year to double what they were normally getting? They will know that the next year is a Shemitah year, and if the crop is increased three fold, then they would know it is the 7×7 Shemitah year which will be followed by the Jubilee year.

    In that way we would know directly from the Creator who would be showing the farmer what the year is, since in II Chronicles 16:9, it says: For the eyes of Yehovah run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

    If one is seeking to honor Yehovah according to His written Torah, then He will reveal Himself to that one. Am I missing something here? If Yehovah does not show it, then He would have a reason which we may not be seeing.

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