When and what is the Jubilee Year? Does it coincide with the Sabbatical Year? How do we observe it? Do we need to let the land rest?

So many questions, but luckily Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon have the answers!

Plus… you'll hear Michael's teaching, The Second Reformation: Beyond Luther's 95 Theses!

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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7 thoughts on “What is the Jubilee Year? (w/ Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon) – Shabbat Night Live – 8/19/16

  1. Thanks for the video, I have many things I’d like to comment on, I understand this pagan sun god stuff but here’s the thing a congregation I been recently attending mostly because of a lack of follow ship of myself coming together in the Word when I go their you don’t hear worship to a sun, a pagan idol, tamus, mithra, etc etc and other churches I know of dose not do this , I hear praise the YHWH and his son Messiah Jesus/Yeshua, I have to say this in fairness because I don’t know why you talk about this countless times when from what I know people from what I’ve seen or every seen do is praise the one true God, now it may not be how you like it but most is not worshiping the sun gods! Not the Roman Catholic church is something different in itself that I agree of many wrong things, this is something that just got to me after watching and I hope you can understand if you read this, also theirs wrong on both sides of the Israel Palestinian thing that is hurting innocent people on both sides and maybe more on the Palestinian side but Israel is not innocent, I don’t think many who watch you watch Kenneth Copeland and don’t know why this is and he is someone not for me prosperity gospel teacher unless theirs more too the story with him why he was mentioned so much , its like am confused anymore even thinking just to say the Lord’s prayer is wrong when it praises God and his kingdom to come on earth as in heaven as this is in revelation, the Hebrew Mathew and the copies being century’s after the fact got me confused on what is rite and it’s like I feel now that we really can’t know the actual biblical time exactly on anything after the question of the show with Mr Gordon, I am sorry as I feel am venting but at this point at this moment I feel lost on the truth that I thought I did, I am afraid of even saying God’s name the rite way please help me to understand , I gave this channel name to many to go and watch and I feel confused myself, shalom bless.

  2. does lev 11:35 teaches that dish or pot should be considered unclean if had pork on it before.

    Lev 11:35
    And every thing whereupon any part of their carcase falleth shall be unclean; whether it be oven, or ranges for pots, they shall be broken down: for they are unclean, and shall be unclean unto you.

    It appears that it teaches if animal dies of itself on pot then that pot should be considered unclean and destroyed. but i m not sure.
    And if pork touches bread or other clean food can pork then make clean food unclean? like if in refrigerator on one dish clean food is put together with cooked unclean food does that makes clean food unclean? it might be dumb question but i m new to torah.

  3. This is what dispensationalism has done, it divides!..
    The Lord said He would show the end from the beginning. The first verse
    of the Bible has 28 Hebrew letters. 72 is the number associated with
    28 X 72 = 2016 ~ Daniels time line began 11-29-1947 + 70 = 2017
    This is the final Jubilee right now. 120 years are determined Genesis
    6:3 a Jubilee is the year count. 120 X 50 = 6000, now! We’re not
    talking the end of the universe, that’s a time no one knows only the
    Father. I believe we are separate from the Jew and should be joined
    Ephesians 2:14. He is himself our peace, who has made the two (become) one, and has demolished the syaga (wall) which stood in the midst, and
    the enmity, by his flesh. Read it completely and you see the identity of
    who is being joined. This is an event.. a lot is happening here, none
    of this level of restoration could happen, without the evidence found on
    the mercy seat. If you haven’t heard any of this than look into Ron Wyatt
    and if you have the faith to believe then you might see Rabbi Rami Levi with
    15 year old resurrected Nathan. I don’t think the bride is complete without the
    Jew. I think it’s time Yeshua meets Jesus. That’s a big day!! while the church
    bride who is NOT grafted in is without oil.

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