What is the meaning of Hanukkah?

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4 thoughts on “What is the meaning of Hanukkah?

  1. My Victory from the Rule of the World
    BY:Dalia-Desiree Logan

    How do you take an entire nation and pull away everything that they Believe, celebrate and that they hold Faith to? First you start off by having a nation who is taught and celebrates holidays that have nothing to do with religion. And you give them all that time off and you shut everything down on those days then you have them celebrate on the Sabbath that was mandated by man and not the Bible and teach them it is ok to do other things on that day, And you shut everything down on that day. And then you allow the people to choose to want to work on that day to choose to want to buy things on that day and you begin to open things up and require people to work on those days. Now they can no longer have their celebration days nor can they have their Sabbath or they will lose their job. How does the nation take back their faith And their right to Celebrate? They learn that they have the right to practice their religion it is their American right. Then they read the Bible and they find out that the holidays that they were taught from the beginning and that their Nation had once celebrated we’re not the ones in the Bible. They learn the Feasts and Sabbaths of the Bible and they demand to celebrate them because they know that they have freedom of religion ;and they begin to use that freedom to take off work and to spend time with their friends and family and to celebrate. Also they find out that Sunday was not the Sabbath but instead it was a Saturday and that it was a full 24 hours of Rest and not just a sunrise until whenever they get out of church. THEN THE PEOPLE take back the Sabbath Of Their Creator and they refused to work on that day because they use their right to practice their religion to ensure that they get that day off. This is how you cleanse the temple and take it back and Serve The Creator with it(The temple is Our bodies now) just as The Maccabees cleanse the temple and took it back after the government came and made it illegal for them to celebrate anything for their Creator. The Maccabees came with the knowledge of the good news of their creator and use that word and belief and put Faith on their Creator. We in America have the power to take back our faith to celebrate the Feasts and of the Bible to Celebrate the new moon(the begining of a biblical month) and to rest on the Sabbath. HalleluYah! It is our choice to dig into the good news ,to study it, to exercise of Faith and Belief that if we do what is in it the Creator will Bless us and protect us and that we will inherit the Kingdom. What will you choose today a man-made holiday or that what is written in the Word from your Creator? As for me and my house we will serve the Creator and celebrate the things our Messiah celebrated. THANK YOU FOR READING AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE…HalleluYah and Happy Hanukkah!

    • Jessica Teeters I believe the Cepher Bible has Maccabees , also much Hebrew information. They have an app if you can’t afford the Bible or don’t need another book. Sorry if you meant just the Maccabees but if your interested in the Cepher it’s also in chronological order which is cool too. Blessings!

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