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  1. It’s murder of convenience plain and simple. Folks tell themselves it’s not to soothe their guilt. It ultimately boils down to not wanting ur actions to have consequences.

    • Richard Villasana I thought we weren’t doing the personal immature attacks. Babies have their own unique genetic structure, blood supply. Yes they rely on mom for oxygen, nutrients, etc.., but that doesn’t make them part of the woman’s body.

    • The mother has a HUMANE responsibility to bring that child to term once she is pregnant. It is not her body alone once she is pregnant, she now has a responsibility to the Human race. She is 9 months pregnant and looked after and protected by her husband or society or both, but some of you would have the baby murdered to suit the mother`s 9 month discomfort? For shame.

    • +vector313 hello small mind. Let me help you. Your rights and authority ends when it harms another.  The whole justification you claim is that the baby isn’t “another” and ergo has no rights. While no matter which stage of the process you look at no matter its shape it is the cycle of human life. Murder is the premeditated stopping of human life. The women thinks and weights the options and choses of their own mind to end that human life for nothing more then personal gain. That’s murder cupcake. You are filth that endorses murder and deserve no respect at all. You aren’t even fucking man enough to face a man in the eye boy. You enforce the killing of the most helpless among us and you disserve no quarter or civility. Pastor I am sure would want me to try to be civil but I do not have that ability. You kill babies. The only way you have even a twig to stand on is if the women didn’t chose to open her legs period end of story. This isn’t a fucking video game. You chose you crapped out there is no damn reset button.

    • +Breathmedia Breathmedia talking about in history snowflake not what your progressive college reeducation camp planted in your mind ……

    • Ragnor Benson you must of course be excluding famine and disease. Yet even then noble ideals inherent in various religions have been co-opted by ambitious men to justify great slaughter. Blaming the Mongol invasions and destructions on shamanism sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it?

    • +Michael Piretti don’t get your panties in a bunch children , it’s just you tube put your energy into prepping for what’s coming ….

      Most of you won’t make the first three weeks!


    I look at things this way…If a woman is so DUMB as to not use the cornucopia of birth controls from sponges to creams to IUDs to Pills etc or to have the man use a condom, THEN SHE IS UNFIT MENTALLY TO HAVE A BABY.

    If this said woman/women, despite all of the means including ABSTINENCE, still becomes pregnant, then her punishment for doing so is not only FULL ON PERMANENT STERILIZATION, but she will have to carry that baby to term as well as raise it to adulthood….


    • you must be a MAN!! wow.. so it is NOT mens problem?? It takes two to tango and men has a much larger libido then women.. VERY often boys/men a pushy as hell.. maybe they need someone to teach them respect and manners – but with an attitude like yours i guess there are no hope for that if you have kids.. what a horrible and hateful attitude you have .. shame on you..

    • Are you kidding?????

      You abdicate RESPONSIBILITY in the case of sexual activity to the man???

      Again if a woman is not intelligent enough to protect herself from getting pregnant, then is she really intelligent enough to be a proper mother???

      Did you not see where I said that she needs to have the man use a condom?…. I mean really, if she can not do these simple things, then she is a SIMPLE PERSON.

      Not only is she avoiding getting pregnant, she is also avoiding any possible STDs…. Or is her simpleness an excuse for getting Hep C, AIDS, Syphilis etc?

      Like others I could only allow abortions in the case of INCEST, RAPE or when the child/pregnancy poses a threat of death to the mother.


  3. unless it’s rape or incest, it’s total irresponsible on both parties. let me be clear I’m still not for it just putting the blame where it lies. ultimately the woman has the final say in the sex act.

  4. Pastor Dowell, My wife was diagnosed with glioblastoma 2 months in to her pregnancy. We had been told she would never conceive. She wanted more than anything to be a mother to our new baby growing inside her. She was told maybe now is not the best time, perhaps she should get better, and try again later. She new the odds because she was in the medical field. She decided to put off treatment to allow our baby to get a chance at life. She was a trooper and got to a delivery date and gave birth to a magnificent healthy baby girl. We then tried everything possible but the cancer was to aggressive. She had 3 months with our little one and she felt it was worth the risk. I witnessed my wife sacrifice herself for my daughter. It changed my view on just about everything…. Abortion was never an option for my wife. My daughter is an amazing little girl and I see her mother in her almost everyday. We are blessed.

    • Nope not even for rape. BUT if the life of the baby and mother was in serious question, after careful medical diagnosis, then I would accept it, sadly. But these are very rare situations today.

    • After 25 weeks is there a condition that requires termination of the fetus rather than delivery? Like the whole partial birth thing, do a few inches mean the difference between the mother living or dying? Never made any sense to me since babies exiting birth canal anyways, why there was a need to kill the baby before it got out, unless it’s a legal necessity.

    • Red Shift: I think our respective positions are relatively close to one another. People murder everyday without incurring any penalty for it. But I do not in any way believe that said killings should be legal; even if they be of the elderly, or the physically feeble, or the mentally disabled, or the unborn. This is why the Bible instructs the people of God to be in the world but not of it. Believers know that if it’s not moral, then it’s not legal, and there in is the difference in our positions. The Father does not give us the liberty to ignore His law, nor does He allow us to condone said behavior from others without warning them of the consequences. And as a believer in Christ, I know that there will be consequences for our actions in this life. That being said, I too believe in liberty and freedom. But I am guided by deeply held moral convictions that do not allow me to do that which is legal, and ignore that which is morally right. It matters not if the person being killed is a contributing member of the community or not.

    • Red Shift: I do not require the world to conform to my moral standards, but neither will I be conformed to the standards of the world. As I said previously, I live in this world but I am not of it. I will issue a word of caution when I believe a wrong is being committed; but as for me, I will follow my own moral code, not the legal one. Free will allows each of us to decide how we will live, and by what code. I am responsible for my own spirit, and I won’t be asked to answer for anyone else. But I will be asked whether I tried to caution others whom I believed were making bad moral decisions. If I try and my warning is not received, then I will have done my part to help others. Freedom is not free; it comes at a cost. And that cost is sometimes having to speak for those who are marginalized, and have no other voice. ( Like the unborn.)

    • Red Shift The only problem I have with what you said is when you said fetuses don’t contribute to society and the elderly contribute experience and wisdom.

      This is because they weren’t aborted and were given the chance to gain experience and become wise.

      I find it ironic that you believe people should be able to choose to have an abortion however this takes away the fetus an opportunity to make its own decisions later in life.

  5. but let them have the choice is think it’s none of my business and I wouldn’t hate nobody for what they choose don’t kno pastor i need some direction here on the other hand if it was my baby mannn I hope we never have to cross that bridge

    • be the change you want to see I guess….you can’t tell people what to do but if we all did our part then others will draw inspiration from it hopefully…the only way to truly change things I think. but some people choose the path to darkness some people choose the path to the light….

  6. My take? What I think? Or what I know? I know that abortion is nothing more than modern day sacrificing to Baal, also the god of self. Abortion opens all kinds of doors to hell for the mother and the father. Even if the father is not aware of what the mother has done, he will suffer consequences of his wives, concubine, girlfriend, hooker,  (what ever you want to call her) sins, because when he went into her he became responsible for her and is then her covering. It is just the law. Depression, madness, female problems, anxiety, guilt and shame are just some of the spirits evoked by the action of abortion. People are ignorant because “churches” do not teach these principals, so lack of knowledge destroys people. Of course there is forgiveness, if one repents, but again “churches” do not teach people how to repent and be made free. My opinion, is that it is sad, it is sad that babies are sacrificed, it is sad that mothers go through the pain, death, hell and destruction because this wicked world has not taught them their alternatives. It is a beast system. What else can you say?

    • I can only imagine. I have watched other women go through it. I always prayed I would never be put into a position where I would even think about wanting an abortion. I also kept myself away from situations that could put me in that position.

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