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What The Bible Says About Halloween

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27 thoughts on “What The Bible Says About Halloween

  1. Most Christians today might as well have a Bible of their own I guarantee you if the Roman Cholic Chruch created a sperate Bible to accommodate the Religious syncretism with pagan and Biblical beliefs most soo called believers would in fact read that Bible instead of THE BIBLE

  2. Amen. Halloween is satanic. There is no place for Christians to be involved in it. We have to get out of these pagan traditions if we want to follow Yeshua.

  3. I really a thank Yahweh for you cause you don’t suger cover Yahweh Word keep the Faith Paul and when you make it to Yeshua Father Kingdom you will be blessed listen to the Holy Ghost I say this be cause I like that a lot of christians can expose wicked stuff and prove Yahweh exist witch is a blessing in my Life but It would be more better if they lived it out as a follower of Yeshua then exposing cause you can prove Yahweh exist or expose stuff but if your not Truly living it out for Yahweh or tell people to follow all His commandments and not just some then you probably will not make it in Yeshua Father Kingdom also I Thank Yahweh for you that you tell use to eat health Im sick with some mucus right now and trying to eat health witch I should have been doing Praise Yahweh,Praise Yeshua, Praise Holy Ghost cause there are 3 1 God in Three Person something like that to all the Glory be to Yahweh

  4. paul my wife and i are a enterracial couple who are new to keeping the torah. my question is,are we wrong for being in a entertacial couple? (galatians 3:28)

    • From what I had just read my personal interpretation of that verse is that we are all one under Yeshua. The only thing that I have come across in my studies is that we should not be unequally yoked, that is to say a nonbeliever and a believer should not be together.

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