Today's guest is Bible Teach Jim Staley. Jim talks about health and diet according to the Scriptures and he also reveals some shocking news about the roots of Christianity.


21 thoughts on “What the Bible says about Health and other Shocking topics

  1. @Goodlife51 Paul was telling the new converts that were gentiles not to let the pagan people whom they were coming from judge them for the new way they were eating, drinking and observing God’s feasts because all of the new ways they were observing were shadows of things to come. Observing Torah teaches you to “watch” for things to come. God declares the end from the beginning -Isaiah 46:10 So returning to the beginning (Torah) will help you learn more about things to come.

  2. Looking back through these comments is like looking back at my own understanding, when i was in darkness concerning these things. Now that I know and understand the truth, it all makes perfect sense! Its hard to believe I ever believed the old arguments against eating clean. All the scriptures posted by mr. thumper are so clearly speaking of man made traditions and of course Gods law is not man made, it is divinely inspired and it is eternal. Praise Yah!

  3. @Shveti – Yes… this is something that I have thought about many times. I guessing that in the wild Talapia wouldn’t be so nasty.

  4. @MrBiblethmpr “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive. 1 Corinthians 10:23

  5. So you live 40 years of your life eating the wrong foods. Mainly, because you had no relationship with God, no desire to read his word. Then you get born again, have such a desire for the word and learn better; but now you have cancer from foods you have eaten all your life. Your version is that person brought it on themselves. Guess that is true because we brought on DEATH to our bodies and that has not and will not change. Dust we are formed and dust we will return.

  6. Its not want goes into you mouth but comes out that defiles your body. Mark 16:16 even poison does not harm you. I was sick with disease for 38 year. Because i sinned and done many evil. When Jesus Christ who is the WORD of God came in my life, He gave me knowledge of Sin and i stoped it by HIs grace. NOW it has been 9 years i never got sick or need to go to the doctor. All i did is repent and FEAR GODDDDDDDD

  7. I am soooo sad. I thought this man was a true man of God but he is in the flesh and not in the revelation of the Spirit. God speak food means for soul NOT FLESH. THe scripture clearly shows sickness and curse couses when we go against God’s WORD. Unclean animals mean someone who preach without chewing the Word and feeding people. God speaks in Mathopho. I pray the brother will be saved. amin

  8. I like the teachings of Jim Staley, but I don’t find it ok when a teacher sells his teachings, we should do that for free because we recieved freely. Shalom and thanks Paul to all your videos and teachings. Shalom Shalom

  9. was apostle Peter in the flesh as he stated he would never touch any unclean meal? Jesus said eating with unclean HANDS would not defile you but He didn’t mean you can eat a dog or a pig.. 😉 You may eat and praise God for FOOD (anything that is SEPARATED/SANCTIFIED by The Word of God as FOOD). Unclean/Clean was known already by Noah.. A pig is not a food according to the Bible, nor cats, nor dogs, nor bats nor rats.. non of it is food. You eat it- you defile yourself coz it’s UNCLEAN. 😉

  10. excuse please, what is the definition of mathopho? and where do you find your references to make that statement. i’d never heard mathopho before and find no info when searching for mathopho? Thank You in advance for more info.

  11. Whether it hurts your superstitious beliefs or not, evolution is the best scientific explanation. In this day and age, trying to discredit evolution is a sign of being a sore creatard loser. 

    Not every dead creature turns into fossil and plenty that did are wiped out due to 100s of millions of years of tsunamis, floods, rains, ice ages, earthquakes, land slides, etc. Earth used to be one continent now vast oceans between land masses. There found some fossil evidence for the evolution whereas there are no evidence for the god hypothesis besides man made books, fairy tales and superstitions. 

    If god does not want to show his existence in a godly matter, then god does not want to be bothered. So, do society a favor and stop pretending to represent god, get a real job, stop evading taxes, stop scamming the naive with your miracle performing god and faith healing. Religion has got the naive by the balls.

  12. he should grow his beard normally As Creator Wills, and not cut like pagans of whoredom. I love that he knows much Truth Of Holy One.

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