People often ask me if the diet mentioned in the Bible is vegan or not. Another common topic is what the Bible says about the time we eat our food for best digestion. In this video I talk about these two topics.


21 thoughts on “What The Bible Says About The Vegan Diet and Daylight Eating

  1. Unfortunately, juicers to make green drinks are very expensive and some vegetables are more expensive than meat. I’d love to buy a juicer but I’m a disabled veteran on low income. The store across the street charges $1.00 for one Tomato,$2.00 for an Avocado and $5.00 for one bunch of Asparagus. I cannot afford these prices. As for the “Whole foods” store. Wow! They are incredibly costly. Healthy eating is for the wealthy

  2. @DeliverTheWord1 Please seem my video on my other channel “thedurianking” I posted a video last week about how to juice and eat raw on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost much.

  3. @SuperMillennium77 I agree with you friend but Iam telling the truth about the price of the most common veggies being so high. At least here in the City of Los Angeles. It’s ridiculous. I am wheaning myself off of meat but anyway ,all I can afford is hamburger as Turkey burger cist 2 times as much as well as Tofu. At least cabbage is still cheap.

  4. @DeliverTheWord1

    I’ve seen juicers for under $100(though I don’t know about quality). And try to grow your own if possible(I’m not sure how disabled you are friend). Otherwise see if someone else can help you grow vegetables–such as putting in money and having someone else use their land to grow your vegetables and you can get them cheaper. Even if you cannot get a juicer, eating more vegetables is great regardless… juicing just makes it quick and easier on your digestion.

  5. @Thehealthwatchman Well,Shalom brother! I too…Doing passover with Pastor Dowell in TN this year…May Yah’s Angels and blessings be with your family!
    Where do you reside?

  6. an very early Christian book called the “didache”speaks of the life style of the ancient Christians. Common fasting/food abstaining and vegan/veg. lifestyles seemed to be the norm…

  7. You may feel healthy, brother, but you look emaciated. Ashen in color and eyes sunken. You don’t look healthy in this video. Your later videos you look much more healthy.

  8. square melons are grown in a box cast. then taken out for a certain time to retain their natural colors. but the point you are trying to make is understood. good and informative video.

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