Raw Food Diet

Someone asked me this question about the raw food lifestyle. 
Do you have a video on what "type" of raw food is best?
Do you just eat what you want, or can you listen to you body (though it might be deceptive at times)?
There is a lot of confusing information out there for us vegans who want to go raw, or even just add more raw food, and I would LOVE to know where you stand on that.


7 thoughts on “What Type Of Raw Food Is The Best?

  1. Is it possible for juicing and raw foods to reverse degenerative disc disease in your opinion? Are there any cases of persons who have been successful?

  2. the body processes adjusts, compensates, fights, it does everything for you to get you back to homeostasis;  you wind up in the hospital after years of abuse and the body is low on reserves , adrenals are shot and so on,  hormones low or on empty and thousands of other jobs the body does and needs that we know not of. a half gallon of ice cream is not a do or die example.

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