In this video I give you a look at what I have in my refrigerator

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10 thoughts on “What’s in my refrigerator?

  1. Love your video. What store/stores do you shop at? I’m in Georgia but we may have the same stores. Not sure where you are. Is there a reason the bread, apples, peanut butter, dates and I think you had powdered spirulina refrigerated? These are items I normally leave in the pantry and fruit bowl. I’m just curious if there’s a benefit or just personal preference. Is that the only type of Ezekiel bread you purchase? I’ve been getting the Ezekiel rye bread. Is there a link you can provide for the dehydrator? Can’t wait to see the banana ice cream video. I miss ice cream. Adopted a raw/vegan diet July 11. I’m probably 80 raw vegan /20 cooked vegan. May up it to 85-90/15-10. I’m excited about my journey and happy I found your channel. Sorry about all of the questions. I will search your videos to see if some may have already been answered.

  2. Thank you for the tour. You’ve given me some ideas for my home too. I am veg. but not raw.It was fun to see all these good ideas I can use at home and work.

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