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Every Bible has a page that needs to be ripped out. This page in the Bible has caused more confusion about how a Christian should live than another thing. If Christians would read their Bibles without this page they would see the Scriptures differently and they would be able to start receiving the blessings they have been missing.

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26 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Your Bible

  1. When I prayed a few years ago….Father I want to know YOU!! I want YOU to teach me what YOU want me to know….my whole life changed. Thank you Paul for telling and sharing the truth <3

  2. CONTINUE speaking TRUTH!! you are very effective at removing barriers, stumbling blocks, and exposing lies!! CONTINUE TO GO FORTH!!!!

  3. My brother, I am happy that you preach to everyone. The son Yahusha HaMashiach is Happy with you and Heavenly Father Yahuah or Yah is proud of you. Yah bless and keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. How could anyone ever even think that because Yeshua shed his blood on the cross for us that we can now forget the 10 Commandments and sin anytime we want to? I just don’t understand that way of thinking. When we are saved by the blood of Yeshua and we have a relationship with Him, then we WANT to follow all of His laws and they are not a burden to follow. ALL of His laws.

    • Valerie S sadly, because that’s what many of these false churches and false Christ teach. It’s sad and dangerous. Even when you read the book of Jude, we’re told to contend for the faith. Jude even tells how many have taken Gods grace and uses it as a license to sin. I noticed that when I use to go to church, the book of Jude was never talked about.

      Satan is the master deceiver, and he’s doing his job well, unfortunately.

    • Valerie S. Bless you for having ears to hear. My spirit was pushing me away from the pastors that say if we are under Grace we dont have to follow the law. But if led by the Spirit. And not flesh plus obey then we have Grace. Most of America is confused and we need to pray for the big deception to be seen.

  5. I thank YHWH for opening my eyes and so many more now. I believe , yes! – the Torah is the treasure – a sign of YHWH’s children. If they would truly read Yeshua WORD and meditate on each precept – He points right to it. It’s so amazing to me!… people listening to much to their pastor than Yeshua. thank you so much for this video Right On

  6. I was going to say some things but..forgive me your stuck. Yeshua came to His own 1st and then the WORLD that was the plan from the start. I have noticed something in all the times I watched you. There are BOOKS you leave out. I have yet to watch you talk about them. Praise GOD.

    In the OT you can parade around with that offering all you want but until it was offered up you were still in sin and then only covered till next time. So duh what was was stillย the same as in the Law. Jesus makes it clear why the reason He came. Many try to say Matt 24 is about today.. some is. But WHO was Jesus talking to? Who asked Him? Jewish people. there were not Christians yet no Church. No Church till Jesus died and rose. My brother, you are still stuck. Anyone that believes in Jesus is in right standing with God aka righteousness.

    God said through a man in a book you ..well I must have missed it, the whole law can be done by “loving your neighbor as your self”. And you talked about “Sabbath”. You do the same exact thing others do. You read His word you then tell people what GOD is really saying what it really means. Truth is.. keeping the law or not will never save anyone. If you want to be saved you believe God sent His only son in the flesh and was born by the virgin Mary. Died on the cross for the world’s sins was buried. Rose the 3rd day and is the ONLY way to the Father. This is how anyone gets to the Father not by any works. Jesus told us to GOD into all the world told us what we have.. Behold I give you power over ALL the enemy.. lay hands on the sick they will recover..nothing shall by any means hurt you so for so on. Greater is HE that is IN US than he thats in the world. The JOY of the lord is our strength. You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has? Did you do what Jesus said? Yet not Jesus for He only spoke what the Father said. Ask the Father for the Holy Spirit. There is SO MUCH more to Him and it is ALL written in HIS word.

    I know you don’t agree praise GOD. Ask HIM.. HE IS SO REAL! More real then your best friend your wife or parents. YESHUA is REAL! And sorry but HIS burden is light and yoke is easy. So dont believe a word I say.. anyone reading.. you pray you seek you ask Him to show you where its written. But know this if you go to Him already KNOWING the so called TRUTH He will say nothing. Its HIS way HIS truth not mans. And if you follow ANY MAN all you get is what they personally see and believe. This is why you work our your OWN salvation. Man will tell you you HAVE to follow the LAW no your dont your free from the law. You HAVE to do the Sabbath on a certain day..or no you dont. Or your once saved always saved no you can lose your salvation. God still HEALS! ..or nope God put that on you for a test blah blah blah. And each one can give you verse after verse.

    • Paul didnโ€™t say you are saved by work AT ALL.
      You donโ€™t get his teaching.
      His teaching we are saved by grace through faith, but faith is shown in our love for Yahweh by obeying His
      As James said faith without work is dead.
      Paul message is crystal clear that
      God never change and so is His
      So if we say we love Yahweh we ought to obey His Commandments.

      The Churches give the wrong teaching of worshipping on Sunday
      ( quoting verses out of context )
      taking away the Word of Yahweh. by twisting Godโ€™s Word โ€œ we are under grace โ€œ โ€œ Jesus had fulfilled the Law, so it was done away for the New Covenant christians.
      I was being blinded by this wrong teaching for 50 years.
      Thank Yeshua for saving me out from this Babylonian Christianity religion, worshipping the Greek version of jesus, another jesus from the Scripture.
      Unless we wake up and repent,
      we will be still be blinded by the wrong teaching by most of the
      evangelical Churches now.

      Once again I said Paul didnโ€™t say that we are saved by works or obeying the laws.


  8. I prayed to Abba Father cause my Spirit was giving me the open eyes to see that the Lord was saying If you Love me keep my commandments. Well i went after the way the truth and the life. God led me to this channel. Never watched it til it poped up after a tear filled prayer. Bless this man as he is being guided by the Lord. Please wake up Americans. My spirit showed me he was also Called Yahshua Ha’ Machiach

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