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When it is cheaper to purchase alcohol and drugs than food, something is really wrong.

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13 thoughts on “When Food Costs More Than Drugs and Alcohol

  1. i’ve been spending all my money on food and happy to do so because eating clean has made me feel amazing both mentally n physically. i’m more peaceful too.

    • I’m trying to stay clear of meat, I’m eating more fruits and veggies it’s great but I find I’m spending a lot on perishable items but the health benefits are so good, that’s what keeps me going.

    • +Alice I’m glad to hear. from eating clean my attitude changed. I don’t seem to get angry anymore! I’m so much happier and at peace. plus I have energy; i even wake up bright eyed and perky. giving up meat and dairy has been the single most important decision I ever made

    • +Alice there is only one type i like. called blue diamond almond milk.and omg the dark chocolate almond milk from blue diamond taste like yoo hoo but better if possible. i hate all other types of soy milk, rice milk etc. i made my own too.i soaked organic almonds in water overnight. blended them with fresh water in nutriblast. i added figs that i soaked too.strain using cheese cloth. i still love blue diamond almond milk way more!

  2. Sorry paul but yes I will still try to eat healthy one time I believe I did buy a pack of fruit and it came up to $60 dollars ridiculous and compared to peoples raw food vegetable its not a lot I just bought a pack of fruit and vegetables and it came up to $40 something dollars or some where in the 40s so I thank Yahweh it was not to much I guess it does depend so yes raw food is expensive unless you have a good paying job but do agree you probably should not get wine cause you can get drunk now Im not saying that every body should eat unhealthy but people that are following Yeshua need to pray so they can be able to buy food for lunch also Im not against eating meat cause Yeshua ate meat but yes in this last days we need to be fit for Yeshua to preach His word if your not saved get right with Yeshua before its late

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