When people reject your advice

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30 thoughts on “When people reject your advice

  1. Same with my mum. she is dealing with chronic cough forever! but she doesn’t want to hear it. still eating meat, drinking milk,… it’s hard to watch when it’s a close family member but what can you do? it’s their life…

    • if a person does it meat I hope they would choose clean meat grass fed but me personally I am on a vegan diet and do not eat meat.

  2. I went to my doctor several times I actually stared to get mad because she had me believing she was lying to me due to the fact she is so Clueless about my condition Medical doctors are drug dealers for victims and surgeons this maybe going to far but doctors that aren’t surgeons given all the education is done have one of the easiest Jobs on earth you go to their office talk about your promblmes here’s a drug go get a blood test

  3. My dad was set in his ways to, unfortunately I wasn’t able to help him but I pray in the name of Y’shua that Yahweh opens your dads eyes to what your trying to show him.

  4. Read the Bible brother, it’s okay to eat fish and other food, pray over the food before you eat, but pork is bad for you and so are blue blood creatures, but that’s for your body, what’s good for you may not be good for me and what’s good for me may not be good for you. So let people eat what they want, you gonna die anyways just like everyone else, the food is bad anyways, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, bad water, bad air, Chemtrails, radiation, vaccines, toxins. Do you think you will outlive me and others who eat fish, chicken and meat?

  5. I felt the same concerning my dad who has cancer. I tried to get him to look at info about eating natural food from creation to heal his cancer. … I tried for a couple years. Finally, 2 months ago I got my mom to watch the Truth about Cancer docu-series. She told my dad he had to watch it because she couldn’t explain it all. ..and he DID. He’s completely changed his eating and started juicing and taking natural supplements and even using frankincense oil! I’m amazed! He also decided to stop the meds his cancer doc had him on plus his blood pressure meds. And he already feels better and has lost weight and looks so much healthier like he did before he got on his cancer meds. I feel this is an answer to prayer! His eyes were opened!

  6. I feel ya man! You love your family but they don’t love themselves enough to change. Because change takes work and commitment and discipline. Live your dream Brother; cause that’s all we ever have in this world!
    If someone comes to you and asks, then the door is open for you to serve!

  7. We all that have Been into this journey of Better health and compassion, had experienced The same frustration with family members and friends.

  8. Thank-You for this. My husband is the same way. I offered to make meals for him, he cooks for himself, terrible foods. He is obese and now it is affecting his mobility. His knee is giving him great trouble. I know for a fact he has high blood pressure, it is not being treated as he refuses to get help. What can I do? I am at my wits end. I have yelled, pleaded, and encouraged to no avail. I don’t want to be a widow at 46 years old!

  9. If you follow the plant based doctors, they answer this question quit simply: People want to hear good things about their bad habits.

  10. I just found your channel and I feel you brother. Most of my family is dead from cancer and diabetes. I still have my dad though, he had a stroke and is mostly immobile. He won’t test his blood and only eats things that are packaged with a picture on it. But I have him fooled and every day he eats a vegan dinner. The pickiest meat eater I’ve seen in my life can’t even tell that is sesame tofu, not sesame chicken. ba ba ba ba ba I’m lovin’ it !

  11. Your so right, I was also very sick, now I’m healing myself with the help of god and the wonderful food he provided. No meat, no milk, no cheese. ONLY FRUIT AND VEGGIES. Love it.

  12. Pray for your father & BE OK with his choice its his choice. Scripture says, ” A prophet is never received in his own home”. Your doing your part by offering him help and giving him truth that’s all The Most High requires. That IS honoring thy father! I know it’s frustrating i deal with it daily in my home but Yah reminds me constantly that there was a time when i too was blind and that keeps me humble and patient and oh so grateful … Shalom 😘

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