Daylight Diet!

The time we eat our food is very important if you want to be healthy but too many people don't understand this. Even if eat healthy food, your digestion won't be good if you are eating at the wrong times.


12 thoughts on “When To Eat For The Best Digestion

  1. Great message and virtually unique in the rawfood community. 
    Looking good man!  the set, the grooming, the shirt — they all just click into place

  2. I am starting to pay more attention to your messages. They are so life saving! They have got me thinkin about changing my life from a health standpoint!

  3. Great video. I agree with you outside the only 2 or 3 meals. My body responds best to healthy small meals 3-5 times during daylight. God bless and thanks for sharing your faith.

  4. makes sense.
    i have my dinner at 6pm usually because im busy during the day. i usually have brunch at 1 pm. workout and then have a post-workout meal that isnt that big and at 6pm ill have umm by far maybe the biggest meal :(!! I need to change that!! Maybe I should have my biggest meal by 4 30 and then a small snack by 6pm. ok! thats what im gonna do. when i get cravings at like 9 or 10pm i end up having 3-4 dates. because im usually active i dont sit around for too long.

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