A question I get all the time is where do I get my protein from if I eat a raw vegan diet. I get most of the protein right from the fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I have also added this amazing raw vegan protein powder to my smoothies and nut milks. It enhances the flavor and assures I'm getting all I need.

It is a complete protein plant based superfood formula from a health teacher who I have personally known for many years, Jameth Sheridan.

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11 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Your Protein On A Raw Vegan Diet?

  1. I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. I want to become a vegan now because of the terrible mistreatment of cows. I have been eating cheese and milk for the protein and calcium. Can we really make complete (human) proteins from plant sources? And it it true that a lot of vegans are deficient in vitamin B12? I still crave meat sometimes and feel like I’m ‘missing out’ – does that mean my diet is inadequate somehow? I appreciate any answers in advance 🙂

  2. Ah yes. The protein powder from dr james sherdian (healthforce) is awesome i used to use a whey protein (Garbage!) contains creatine and its a milk and eggs based so when u ingest that it actually breaks down bones super acidic which i cant eat due to stomach issues which forced me to go vegan pretty much. Those whey proteins actually cantain toxic heavy metals in tham as far as arsenic and lead aswell as cadium which is really hard on yuor body and organs. the true warrior is awesome! clean!

  3. true warrior is all plant based so easy for body to process the bcaa’s from planty based are actually almost identical to the whey proteins and its a clean protein for your body to use and is truganic which goes even further than just organic. great clean product good for anyone that wants more protein in diet but have that peace of mind. Great product.

  4. if nuts and seeds and supplements are out of question u can eat alot of veggies to get your fill of protein you might have better luck having a 70-80% plant based diet other 30-20% can be animal based and that will still be much healthier than a normal american diet. (all in steps and knowledge)

  5. So, I’ve been confused about this whole protein thing. What is “protein”. It’s amino acids right? We just need all the essential amino acids to create protein in our bodies. But when a product says it contains a certain amount of grams of protein does that just mean all the essential amino acids? 

  6. Beans & rice together have all the amino acids of a complete protein. Somehow Mexicans figured this out a long time ago…..we are only now seeing the benefits of this diet. Sadly, the Mexicans today have adopted the American diet & are rising in obesity to match us.

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