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49 thoughts on “White washed history

  1. So when is this debate going to be? I want to see it. I have been listening to Dowell for years. After the Brown shooting he has become a lot more angry. Didn’t he say in his video about the shooting that his arms were raised and he was shot in the back? Someone needs to show him the 3 separate autopsy’s

  2. Amen paster D , it does not matter what color , race , creed , or what not , we All are children of God in his eyes , made in his image , if people could get this through there heads and see this as the truth , this world would be a better place to live , god bless and grate vid ,,,,

  3. English Standard Version
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave  nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    • Why? Because I expose the truth that has been suppressed? You are the type that loves suppressing the truth by calling me a racist if I challenge your version of history. Why is it racism to state the truth you cannot defend? Why is your heart so hard? Tell us all why?

    • +PastorDowell My heart is as hard as steel that’s what this wicked world does to you, I only open my heart to Jesus Christ.I removed my negative comments because it’s the right thing to do.

    • +aFreeman0409 could you read it to me?? Lol hahaha the 3rd grader is going to read too me oh can you also translate from Hebrew into English too?

    • +aFreeman0409​​​​​​ this is where you are slightly confused the original inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Syria were black it is evident you haven’t been taught this, the slaves that were once in Egypt were called Nubians, they were Hebrews as well. Here are some Hebrew tribes: IGBO, Ashanti, Yoruba, Mindy, Wolof, Akan, all are in Africa now

      Job 30:30 My skin is black upon me

      Amos 9:7 “Israel are you not as the Ethiopians to me” indicating Israel looks like the Ethiopian

      Deuteronomy :28-48 “Therefore shalt thee served thine enemy in want of all things and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thine neck until he has broken thee”. These are the irons they put around my great great grandfather’s neck to break him when they brought him to this land to serve in a strange unfamiliar land
      Psalms 83:1-8 Hate thine enemy they have taken crafty counsel against thine people that the name of Israel will be no more in remembrance, done by the Tabernacles of Edom/ white folks, Romans. Change their identity change their names change their culture Israel will no longer be remembered.

      A study was done at John Hopkins University by Eran EL haik a molecular geneticist who is also Jew-ish his research also indicated the people who are calling themselves Jews today including himself are not, descendants of Abraham Isaac and Jacob but are a Turkish mix of people from the Ashkenazi Khazarian Empire from Russia as you stated, but the area we know as Babylon which is Iraq, an Iran Afghanistan India Pakistan and northern Arabia were all under the control of a Black man named Nebuchadnezzar who ruled Black people this was called the Cushite Empire it pre-existed before the Arabs or the Turks or the Syrian white skinned individuals who are there today, modern history. Modern day history has tried to erase and put the black man in a small box as if we are all one race when in reality the only thing that links most of us is the complexion of our skin, we are of many nations, and we did leave the massive region of Africa we traveled far outside of that region we were the first inhabitants of Europe the Pacific Isles even Japan and Australia but your current history they don’t teach this due to racism, white supremacy to make the black man appeared as if there was no Exodus from Africa which we know is false, you have to remember also the Black Moors came back in 711 AD and ruled all of Europe until 1492 that has also been conveniently omitted from many history books.
      But back to the matter at hand, SHEM is Black also, he has the same mother, and father as HAM from NE. Africa according to the Jewish Encyclopedia and you don’t have to be directly from Africa to be black, Hannibal of Phoenicia Palestine / Israel was a black man who was not born in Africa but black none the less.
      Nebuchadnezzar the great grandson of Ham was in India but was still black and there’s proof that the Kushites ruled that region because you still have people who call themselves Hindu Kush today and they are black/ dark skinned people from India so don’t allow regions to confuse you because at one point there was only black people on the planet because all genetic ancestry comes from the recessive gene in the black man. The dominant genotype can produce the recessive but the recessive genotype can never produced the dominant. “Mendelian law”
      As I stated we travel the globe long before the Caucasian knew that the world was round. The Ethiopian and Egyptian had already charted the solar system and created the first clock called a sundial these are indications of the vast knowledge of astrology math and science determining days in the year, creating the lunar calendar. Also had travel the world and populated most places while adapting to the environment.
      To compare modern people in the regions of the world today is somewhat sophomoric it is the equivalent of comparing people of modern America to pre colonial America and saying these are the same people who were originally here, as opposed to 500 or 1000 years ago, we know they weren’t white.

    • +aFreeman0409​​​ since you say it is well document that white people come from Mesopotamia give me a source that I can go and check for myself your so called well documented statements and I will verify what you say as long as it’s not some eurocentric “newspaper” I would like a couple books please, and black people are in Syria Palestine Iraq India, & Europe, you can’t get your facts from the television. Documentary means print not word of mouth, but go to YouTube and put in BBC’s lost kingdoms then begin to look at the documentaries on African Kingdom’s put in Moors, & Kushite,

  4. Pastor Dowell,  There is so much more than the color of a persons skin.  I feel that you are doing a lot of preaching color instead of the word.  You do preach the word, no doubt. But I feel you preach the skin color more.

    • Doris you’ve said you heard it enough. Doeth it bother you that Yahshua and the Israelites are so called black people.  I have never seen or heard huge groups of white people complaining about the false white image and the fake white Jews in Israel. Now that the truth is coming forth like a flood, everyone wants to dismiss color all of a sudden.  It shows that you heart is not right towards his people of the flesh and you would much rather believe that everyone in the bible were white.

  5. It is amazing at how I can just tell the truth concerning this subject and people say the love the truth, yet when it comes out it is amazing at how people respond to it. Like it or not this is the Word! The world goes into great detail describing the color of Jesus. Why is it an issure when I am preaching what the Bible says? Truly the heart of men are being made manifested.
    Jesus was a Black man period. When He comes you will see a Black man with hair like wool and eyes like fire! What’s the problem with this truth? It is becasue the White man has presented to us a lie about Jesus for centuries?

    • +LiteRetro
       I don’t believe all white skinned people are Esau but Esau is definitely white.  As for your last question here is what whites have tried to do. Blanqueamiento, or whitening, is a social, political, and economic practice used to improve the race (mejorar la raza) towards whiteness. They call it an improvement and the Most High sees it as an insult.  Only pride would have you to believe that it is an improvement.

    • Good documentary.  Whited Out 2 is good too.  Both documentaries will sting the racist european and american men.  And I am white.  So all i can say to the racists out there is “haha, the game is about over”.  

    • +Cristina Williams Yeah. If only the masses knew about the information in said documentaries. I myself have recently uploaded a video titled “Whites Admit Cover-Up of Black History.” 

    • +Cristina Williams
      I am glad you enjoyed the documentaries Cristina. The truth is a hard pill to swallow but it is the only pill to swallow for those who want to be saved.  Truth may be hard but it leads to safety but unfortunately, racist have too much pride to let it go. Be thankful for your ability to accept the truth to receive salvation because so many can not.

  6. I think one of the strangest things the Catholics do is eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of christ. Sounds like pagan vampire talk to me. Thanks for the videos PD I dont agree with everything you say but I enjoy your perspective and passion for life.

  7. +PastorDowell according to the claim you are making about black men and women being the true Hebrew Israelites, what would happen if you personally have a Caucasian male in your paternal lineage? Would this disqualify you as a true Hebrew Israelite according to the standard in your claim?

    Now as far as the claim of Israel left Egypt black and came back white, there is no such thing as pure black or white skin. There is from heavy to light levels of melanin in every person’s body, and this is where you get the light or fare skin all the way to deep dark brown skin. Melanin is produced based on diet and environment. Fish are a food source that would cause a person to have darker skin as would very hot climates. If you can see my pic, this is my skin color naturally. If I ate a lot of fish and dwelt in a place near the equator, I would be dark in a short period of time. So as to why the Jews “came back white”, did it ever occur to you and others promoting that statement that the Jews were dwelling in cooler climates? Are some of them bloodline descendants? Possibly not, but then again, it could also be possibly as well. Solomon did have 1,000 women and reproduced with many if not all of them, and those wives came from various areas. So be aware that claiming all Caucasians have no biological link to Israel can be a false witness against some of them. Only Yah knows precisely who is a bloodline descendant and to what level.

    Allow me to address a claim that many have been saying, which is that the original Hebrew Israelites were black. David is described as ruddy in both 1 Samuel 16:12 and 17:42, which represents the same Hebrew word that described Esau in Genesis 25:25, which is H132 admony. Admony is a variation of adom/adam which means red.
    ***Side note: Esau’s name H6215 means rough as in handling and he was named this because when he was born, he was hairy all over his body. It has never meant “he that wastes away” as the Black Hebrew Israelites from Israel United In Christ claims.
    If the first man, Adam, was a black man as people have assumed, then he would have been called H7838 shachor, which is the proper Hebrew word for the color black as you would find in Song of Solomon 1:5. By the way, that wasn’t Solomon speaking in that verse, but rather his black mistress. Solomon on the other hand was described by that same mistress as being white and ruddy according to Song of Solomon 5:10. Another claim people make is that Noah was a black man, but that is incorrect according to Book of Enoch 106:2 since it says, “And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright.” The reality is that the skin color theory is actually errant and inconclusive. As I ask anyone who promotes the skin color theory, please show me your birth records going all the way back to Israel and then I will accept your claim. If you can’t then all you have is a speculative and conjectural theory and not hard evidence. While bloodline only proves the flesh link, it means nothing when concerning faith and the seed of Yah. Just as the Bible shows, Elohim can raise up children of Abraham from stones. Acts 10:34-35 is clear in showing that anyone from any nation that reverences Yah and keeps His commandments is accepted with Him. The Pharisees were basically told that their blood lineage meant nothing because their spiritual seed was that of Satan due to what they were preaching. Hebrew has always meant to cross over, so any person, regardless of their skin color, is a Hebrew once he or she repents and starts to live according to Yah’s commandments as evidence of repentance.

    So what is my point? Skin color or family lineage has absolutely no bearing on your salvation. It has always been about reverencing Yah and keeping His commandments regardless of where you started or which family you came through. Ecclesiastes 12:13 illustrates this is the whole duty of man. Israel was intended to be a reign of priests and a set apart nation according to Exodus 19:4-6 contingent upon them being obedient. The real reason why Levi was given the priesthood was because of their action to slay others for the golden calf event. Had the golden calf event never took place and the Israelites were obedient, there most likely would have been a different situation where men from all tribes would be priests. I know it is speculative and conjectural to say this, but it is a likely possibility based on logic and the data available.

    In conclusion, all believers need to become united and stop letting petty and minor issues hinder us from being witnesses to Yah’s message of salvation. We are redeemed when we repent, we show the evidence of repentance through our obedience to and love for Yah by keeping His commandments, and we will be saved if we endure to the end.

    • +David Gooley
      Why didn’t you post the definition of Laban?
      If I Google the word white in hebrew guess what pops up?
      That word and all of its derivatives is shiny.
      I’m definitely not sending you to hell because you are white.
      Those UIC folks are ridiculous.

    • +David Gooley
      How is what I said irrational?
      When the bible primarily talks about white skin tone it uses Laban. Why didn’t you post the definition of Laban sir?

  8. Hey please see my video called “Golgotha Africa” it is about the Anointing…looks like a Hieroglyph to me and we should consider that the ARK that holds the tablets or Ark Ark is in Antarctica displaying the Aurora Lights.  Now, I have a good one for you.  Oh yeah, now it only makes good common sense to me, or just to me that the Exodus in the Bible was about Black Moses whatever his real Egyptian name is, well…he fought against the white Ptolemy to get our people out from under the Whites that took over Egypt/Lower Nubia.  White Ptolemy did not want to identify with Africans so he changed the Pharaoh title to represent his whiteness so he changed the title to Ptolemy and the Ptolemies were whites and some blacks that stayed on.  Who destroyed Egypt/Nubia but White people and they took the gold and left.  Didn’t God send Moses to get the Africans (Egypt is in Africa), he sent Moses to get the people out of that land to flee into Canaan where other Africans lived. Then God sent LICE and who gets lice?  White people.  Africans don’t have to worry about Lice with their sun burnt nappy hair.  White still suffer with lice today with that strand of hair type they have that is oily so that is why they wash it daily to keep the bugs away and I won’t mention their bed bugs that have turned into a plague for everyone today, evolved lice no doubt. Anyway, too, Canaan still cursed with Whites fighting over that African land…even today.  Could you speak on my video on Golgotha Africa, I need your opinion.  Oh yeah, those timelines on the Exodus, can’t trust it then because AD BC, just adding on to the Time, just last week, on the News, Scientist or whoever it is, They just added on a Second to make up something on the time…..adding and subtracting, They have the power to change anything they want…..just like they can REVISE the Bible adding and taking away Gospels….Missing Gospels of the Bible……Why right?  If they came out now, who would believe they are the exact truths?  A fool would believe the many white people that do come out with many versions of the Missing Books.
    Ah now that is a lot.  Ok, did Jacob rename himself Israel because of a dream or because it asked the question?  Is Ra the EL?  EL being the name of God along with other names too.   Who can say what His real African name is since He was seen in Africa in the cloud pillar.
    One more question, so after they made burnt offerings to God……what became of the meat?  Who ate if when people were hungry?  Who eats the meat or food when people leave it for the dead…….
    Your opinion is fine.  I have my opinions as well right?  It is all about what each of us elects to choose as the Right Way in each of our immortal lifetimes until the end.   Immortal lifetimes?  After we finish possessing a human life we go to Judgement is it then through Osiris and is he good or bad?  Do you even know?  Judging Angel, can’t overlook Him. Is He what is God’s real name or is he Satan King of Hell.  Surely you know we will be judged by Angels then either ascend or reincarnate back into a human or animal or insect or whatever life………What do you think as an opinion…..all we have is opinions.  If only we could knock down the doors to the Vatican Libraries to find what is Truth…..

  9. Don’t the black Israelite movement believe that women are only meant to be a man’s servant and that white people are demons and are ALL going to hell? Is that what you believe Pastor Dowell?

  10. what garbage is this they dropped 8 million negroids into Brasil there was no blacks there, Sorry Europeans conquered the world and saved negroids from extermination.
    Read palermo stone they exterminated blacks for fun and banned negroids from Egypt also here are Egyptians again all Caucasian non negroid just as creator gods, you are a lying racist. Isis,Maat,Hathor, Geb Nuit Osiris all of them non negroids

  11. I enjoyed this video. People will run from the truth because whites and blacks have been taught the white washed version all our lives. It’s not about black or white but truth versus lies. Teach on Pastor McDowell.

  12. I can’t believe so many blacks want the world to know about the truth . Ha ha ha ha .from the guitar to the violin all the instruments was stolen from Africa . They white wash our whole history .

  13. Catholic??? No moron! Christianity has three major divides! Catholic and Eastern Orthodox followed by Protestantism!
    Funny how this idiot asserts his truth is the actual truth without any scholarship.
    This means he could claim the moon is made of green cheese and argue that anyone refuting it is part of a plot.
    So now Native Americans are or were black! Tell that to every Native American scholar!
    Who is THEY?
    We have the actual DNA evidence of Native Americans! Where is his proof!
    What Europeans are suppose to be Mexicans? Who are these people? Where did they originate?
    Does this moron hold a single degree in any related field??
    “Bring your facts”! Yes Pastor where is your truth!!!
    Cite the scholarship showing a black Egypt!!!
    Peer Review

    • +Steve Jovan so in short he was studying this stuff far before the ideal of Afrocentric even existed. So you don’t know what your talking about

    • +Andre Graves
      He is an Afrocentrist as his ideas fall into this camp! Advocating unsupported ideas for the sake of advancing feel good ideas is exactly what his work denotes.
      He is not a scholar of any sort as scholarship requires that your work be taken seriously within a given field. That it stands up under scrutiny! His has never been able to meet that challenge.

    • +Andre Graves
      What does that have to do with his being in the Afrocentric camp?
      There were Socialist concepts offered up long before Socialism came into being as a term!
      A writer is not excused from a body of thinking simply because its labeled that after the fact.

    • +Steve Jovan they arent unsupported ideas they have scientific merit Diop also claimed to be “the only Black African of his generation to have received training as an Egyptologist” so as you can easily see that would make a big difference in how the information about the subject would interpreted back in his day white supremacist ideologies were mainstream. So of course the only black egyptologist would be highly controversial to say the least and of course he would be discredited by all his white counterparts lol the only clown here is you steve

    • +Andre Graves
      No one defines the modern study of this topic by the discredited nonsense of 75 years ago!
      No modern scholarly body contends Egypt was a WHITE society neither do they contend it was a BLACK society.
      No one cites bad scholarship from white scholars nor do they cite Diop for the same reasons.
      If you bothered to read Diop you might grasp how he arrived at a black Egypt.
      His ideas have not been vindicated but instead laughingly rejected by scholars from around the world. Including those in YOUR link!!!
      Thank you as it’s a great resource to debunk Diop!
      To think someone actually believes that was a scholarly link!! Amusing!

  14. Real truth! Thank you for the work you are doing! I will also advise all people of truth not to respond to vulgar haters who only come to our videos to insult. They think that by doing so, the truth will become lies. Please refrain from responding and I assure you that they will go away and deal with their delusions in a more constructive way.

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