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39 thoughts on “Who Is Esau?

  1. to understand who the edomites are we have understand that the whole nation of edom was forcefully converted to Judaism under John hyrcanus and hence forth was known only as JEWS, because they were always joining the enemies of the Judeans and creating wars agains the true children of Judah, John hyrcanus was from the tribe of Levi the descendant of John hyrcanus became the priest kings of Judea and founded the Hasmonean dynasty, when the Romans took control of Judea they dispossessed the hasmoneans and placed the Edomites then called idumeans as the rulers of Judea and Samaria under the Herodians, who was pure blood Edomites.  It was Herods responsibility to select the high priest who then selected the Pharisees, Herod hunted down and slaughtered all the descendants of the Levites who was descendants of John Hyrcanus, he even killed his two sons who he bore with the hasmonean princess Mariamne, herod drowned the last Levite Hasmonean heir in his palace in Jericho, he did  this to cemented Edomite( Idumean ) rule over the nation of Judea, all the high priest placed into power was not of Levite blood they were Herodian edomites and the Pharisees they selected was also Edomite Jewish converts, this is why the Pharisees told Christ we are of Abraham’s seed and have never known slavery to any nation, Christ agreed with them because it was the Israelites that had been the slaves of every nation and not the Edomites, the only servitude the children of Edom had ever known was under king David and king Solomon, Christ then told them you are of your father the devil and the works of your father you will do, and you seek to kill me because because I told you the truth, you are not of my sheep, my sheep hear my voice but you cannot hear my voice because you have no part with me, the descendants of these edomites are the people called Jews today this is why their Jewish encyclopedia 1905 and 1925 editions states “Edom is in modern Jewry” where they admit to being the modern day descendant of the biblical Edomites.

    • Most Europeans are descended from Japheth. Some of them are descended from Esau(Read the book of Jasher) mostly Italians and Greeks. All of them(all non black Africans) are mixed with neanderthals(Nephilim). The arabs are edom, Ishmael and the sons of keturah. So yes esau is in europe and the middle east(Saudi Arabia). It’s even in the name. One of esaus wives was an ishmaelite. If you read the scriptures whenever edom is mentioned you’ll hear or borzah, teman and dedan. These locations are in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They literally live by the sword over there. They cut off the heads of people. Herod the edomite also cut off john the baptists head. The edomites lived right next to the judeans. Right next to judea today is Saudi arabia. So not ll people of european descent are esau. Some are in the middle east. Literally the neighbours of israel which makes more sense. Also watch out for islam.

  2. White people ARE NOT Edomites! This is getting ridiculous. Esau the man wasn’t white. Let’s just say for arguments sake he was a white man. Guess what? He married and had kids with Africans! Those kids married and had more kids with Africans and middle eastern people, yet somehow, these Israelite groups continue to teach this dumb racist doctrine. White people come from Japheth! You can read it in history with Josephus and in any Bible dictionary. The Jewish population of Israel today are Ashkanzi and Sephardic Jews. Ashkanz is a descendant of Japheth. Sephardic Jews are descendants of European the Spanish of the Mediterranean region. Just look it up.
    All in all. 1 white man (even though Esau wasn’t white) can’t have children with black peoples in a region of nothing but black people and start a white race. That’s just irresponsible and not using our thinking caps.

    • Antwanh5

      Read Genesis Chapter 36 and Genesis 25:23-25 AND THE Book of Obadiah!! SLOOOOOOW!!!!
      White people/Edom/Esau/Edomites!!!!

    • Antwanh5 Ezekiel 36:5 Idumea. has possession of God’s land Israel and Obadiah 1:16 Edom drinks on God’s holy mountain, Jerusalem. Who has Israel in their possession? The fake Jews and they are specific small group of people on earth 0.2 % of the world’s population. God said he made Edom small among the nations and hated by mankind. Obadiah 1:2 Jeremiah 49:15.Fake Jews are small among the nations and are hated by mankind. As they are the only group of people kicked out of 105 European countries. Further proof fake Jews have laid their hands on the substance (identity and heritage) of Judah Obadiah 1:13. White people do not have possession of Israel and oddly enough fake Jews do not consider themselves white they treat being “Jewish” in reality Edomites as being a race all by itself. Whites do not fit the description on Obadiah.

    • Antwanh5 God said Rebekah had 2 nations in her womb and with God nothing is impossible.So yes she had twins of different color. Edom are the fake Jews who have Israel in their possession per Ezekiel 36:5.

  3. Wait wait last video he did he said they are the Arabs ita funny they don’t do research on who owns these genealogies company’s i guess that’s why the bible says dont bother with genealogies

  4. it was the white man and Jews and Arabs mostly and you still have white people that live off of the work of black slaves they build businesses homes and much more on our people back back then and still to this day man i just want justice to be served because we still not equal but also when they did the genealogy of the Jews they found all European in them maaaan this thing is deep because once everybody can agree now we all have a common enemy and just about all nations hate the fake Jews

  5. Edom are the fake Jews in Israel today, per Obadiah and Ezekiel 36:5. Edom/Idumea have possession of God’s land today. Per Obadiah, Jeremiah 49:15. God made Edom small among the nations and hated by mankind. Jews are 0.2% of the world’s population, the only people on earth that have been kicked out of 105 countries so they are hated by mankind, they soar high with wealth and power, they laid their hands on the substance of Judah, aka their identity, they drink on God’s holy hill, Jerusalem. Edom are the fake Jews in Israel today. White non Jews are the descendants of Japheth, and Esau are the descendants of Shem. You are correct thank you for getting it right.

  6. This coon is a totally joke, his a clown for ESAU (the so-called white man)… he pretends like he’s intelligent when he knows nothing and in the majority in his videos he never pulls a book or reference where he gets his information from,… Everything he stands for is vanity… Everything does is about himself, these videos that he post are Vain glory.. It has nothing to do with helping the poor educate the masses he’s all about himself just like most Christian pastors smh

  7. I hate explaining that “modern day” Jews are not white people, it’s so obvious to me, why do black folks fail to see the difference?

    We don’t run Hollywood, we don’t run the media, we don’t run our politics, we don’t run anything anymore really. For the most part we don’t even notice it ourselves because at face value it all does look white, but they are not white and a little background check usually confirms the suspicion.

    Napoleon was a Masonic Jew, divide and conquer was his strategy, i think it still is their strategy, and it’s​ efficient appearantly.

  8. Noah was a black man Shem,Ham,and Japheth were all black.Esau married into the Hamites but the reality is that doesn’t mean that all Esaus wives were dark skinned.That’s like saying that every Hebrew Israelite has the same skin tone.Example if Esau is the so called white man he marries a wife of light brown skin they have kids,their kids come out very light skinned like a white man with a tan,generations later they become lighter skinned.All I’m saying is the so called white race didn’t happen over night.Then later on you had the Edomites mixing with the sons and daughters of Japheth causing a portion of the Japhethic people to inherit lighter skin.

  9. one video you said Esau was not the white man but on this video you saying not all the white people is Esau is no true in you bro Esau’s is the white man the book Obadiah made that clear y’all better stop following that damn fool AKA Pastor pork chop Dowell🐀🐀

  10. These Hebrew Israelites are hoping this is not true. Because why would they even be in that group if Esau isn’t the white man? That’s their core belief. If you go by the Bible if Esau is in fact the white man and the descendants of ham are in fact black people. Then Esau’s first offspring were black. Hittite women were descendants of Ham and canaanites. . So the first Edomites were black? Makes a lot of sense .

  11. Esau is an Arab smh they are not our only enemy but the end blacks are so full of slavery we don’t even know the real fucking enemy and y’all come here to listen to a fucking pastor of deceit look we can’t listen to all of these doctrines but go find wow the world is really ending and we gone parish for lack of understanding and knowledge

  12. Introduction The Author The author of the book is named Obadiah which means “Servant of Yahweh.” Some have thought that this is the same Obadiah that was Ahab’s steward in 2 Chronicles 17:7, but that is historically improbable.1 The name was common in the canonical period with about a dozen individuals having that name (1 Kings 18:3-16; l …

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