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Rabbi Schneider teaches that many celebrate Jesus, but some stop there and do not reach the ultimate goal… Relationship with Father God.

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3 thoughts on “Who Is The Father? Orphans No More

  1. REVELATION, The devil is the father of lies and actually lied to himself FIRST!! when he said I will acsend I will I will
    , the irony was that the devil the father of lies actually lied to himself when he thought he could ascend above GOD. HA the devil is a liar!!! praise JESUS!!!!!

  2. There was only One tree in the midst of the garden, and that was the Tree of Life, as God said.
    If there were two trees in the midst, the serpent would have to have asked her “Which one in the Middle?” But he didn’t and did not correct her either, but lied about the attributes of the Tree of Life which teaches us God’s wisdom.
    She was deceived as to which tree was the forbidden tree…because she did not receive her understanding directly from God, she received second hand knowledge from Adam.
    She did not eat from the tree in the midst of the garden that she was told would make her like God.
    She, by deception, ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which also was in the garden with the other trees, in ignorance, Not to be like a god, but expected to be WISE as God wants us to be.

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