Rabbi Schneider teaches that many celebrate Jesus, but some stop there and do not reach the ultimate goal… Relationship with Father God.

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5 thoughts on “Who Is The Father? We Need a Father

  1. I never had a good relationship with my dad, so I still after 4 years being born again perceive God at times as distant and angry with me most of the time and that Jesus is not 100% interested with my welfare. I have a stronghold of doubt please pray God will deliver me from this faulty mindset and that I will be more sensitive to Gods voice and Spirit. God bless you Rabbi Schneider.

    • That is the Enemy . God the Father loves you more you can ever imagine , believe that in Jesus Name. if you believe , he will bless you , but suffering from time to time is a growing process . Love and Grace in Jesus Name. Please don’t give up beloved Brother . I never had a real Father , my Father left us as I was 3 and my mother gave me to a child shool , so a Start getting bitter and I also said very bad things about God, but God showed me the way to him , read Psalm 27 Vers 10 , it so true . God bless you . Jesus is the way to the Father but we need to begin to open our heart to the Father if we can’t , als Jesus to help you .

    • Thank you Brother Gideon for briefly sharing your testimony and for your kind words , I will keep them in mind . The bible verse is timely, I was led to that scripture a long time back, but somehow “it didn’t hit home” for me. I will keep trying against the tide, God bless you and yours. Your sister in Christ.

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