Who Was Melchizedek?
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14 thoughts on “Who Was Melchizedek?

  1. Those 4 are interesting, but not insightful, for Yeshua could only gain His priesthood from One, from His Father. YHWH was concealed in a bush, just as He was concealed in the image of a man. We were made in His image, after His likeness. Yeshua spoke and did as He had seen His Father do. Both Father and Son are of this very special, most high priesthood.

    • Exodus 3:2 And The Angel/malachi of the YHVH appeared to him/Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush, Exodus 3:4 And when YHVH saw that moses turned aside to see, Elohim called out from the bush and said to moses here am I. It sounds like YHVH speaks through the angel/watcher/messenger which Malachi means that is used in the Hebrew scripture. It does say in Exodus 3:6 moses was afraid to look upon the elohim, but that could still be referring to he afraid to face elohim because he is present through seeing and speaking through the messenger/watcher since thats what they are and what they where created for, watching and bringing the message/words from YHVH to prophets an people. Because clearly at Sinai YHVH had to cover/hide himself behind a dark cloud and was bright to look at, made moses face shine/radiate from his presence and that didn’t happen at the bush either. YHVH is Infinite and Unboundable not of flesh and bone either because he’s a spirit like Yeshua said.

    • yahkov Hok Let’s not put limits on YHWH because we have not that right. Our understanding limits us, not Him. Air in invisible, but fill a balloon and suddenly we see a physical form. If YHWH desires to appear to men, can you think of better examples of who He would appear to than Moses and Abraham???

  2. There is no Scripture that clearly states that Yeshua was the Melchizedek that met with Abraham. This connection is made by many and is speculation. The only thing that is clear is that Yeshua’s priesthood was not of a Levitical order but of the order of Melchizedek as it was promised by Yah himself on Psalms 110. The book of Hebrews states that Yeshua BECAME our Melchizedek high priest, this implys that he was not but later became. Would recommend the teaching “The Melchizedek Mystery” by Torah to the Tribes. So far this teaching is the most accurate that I have found pertaining to the subject. Yah bless

  3. Brother Eddie Chumley has a great teaching on this title you speak of. Nevertheless, the title applies to a lineage based on firstborn status then living a righteous life. check out the teaching.

  4. Matthew Nolan from Torah 2 the Tribes does an entire series on this topic. It’s very interesting. I love that you are covering this also! Thank you.

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