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Today we have one of our favorite guests Andrew Gabriel Roth and he talks about the calendar of our Creator. This is such a controversial subject, who is correct and wrong? Andrew's approach is let's all come together and let's see together how we can form the perfect time peace for Yahweh's calendar.


6 thoughts on “Whose Calendar Do You Follow?

  1. Jews all over the world, even the New Moon Society, follow the Hillel calendar. The Creator’s emphasis was on the holy convocation. These teachings are creating division; Moses did not charge shekels for a peek at the things the Father showed him. Even the dark moon people end of basing their calculations on the authority of Talmud.

  2. Didn’t the Hebrews many years ago go by seven days from the new moon as being the Sabbath? Your saying its consistancy according to the Gregorian calendar. Am I right?

  3. Though I have not read his book – I hope that he speaks more of the conjunction of the moon as when to start the count of the days.  Though the stars too are important; but they cannot show the day to start counting, for the month of Abib.  Everyone could be in agreement as to when the Feasts should be kept; by using the same system as King David used from his youth.

    He was hiding in a field from King Saul… who was keeping the new moon festivities; which did not stop until they seen the crescent – which signified that the conjunction was kept on the right day.  As David was hiding, he mentions before the crescent was sighted… that it was the second day of the month; which was set, by the conjunction.  This is the truth – if all got in line with Yahweh and His calendar… we would all be keeping it correctly.

    I hope he mentioned these things in his book.  That would be great!

  4. Very sad that we are a scattered, deceived & ignorant people, while we have the Spirit of Yah Almighty living in us. The Satan has really messed is up. We are creatures with an incomplete culture. I look forward to Messiah’s return and Yahuwah being one again the Light of the World.

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