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  1. Folks I am just stating facts here, presenting information for all of us to learn from. Hopefully none of us will encounter any of these type of women however they are every where.

    • Qee Shaa I agree but this balance i am talking about is equivalent to “deflection”. I was accusing you of deflecting basing this “well, men are liars also.” No ones doubting that but these men in the video are being railroaded by this injustice. Men cannot be victims and women are assumed to be the victims and they know it and use it for evil purpose.

    • Qee Shaa Hold on! Pastor was calling out Hebrew Yisraelite men not the world! This is not for the world! Again, to me you just do not seem to be in violent agreement with this video. Through review of your comments especially the first I see exactly where your are coming from…..and we men do have a big responsibility especially for the care of our women but there has to be submission from them also, for peace in the home.

    • Qee Shaa That man is not just a leader but he is the head of his household, which some men do truly take that responsibility. That wife must submit to him just as he must treat her right. But definitions of right are different. I am talking according to the Bible which can be taken out of context for persons own book of the law. So the wife should be submitted when she gets married. She doesn’t decide whether to submit after marriage. Sarah called Abraham “Master ” There are not too many women calling their husbands that these days.

  2. this crap goes on in the united states and perhaps throughout north AMERICA…but outside the united states..whole other kind of animal!

    • +Accuracy Marked i believe my comment was referring to how women here in north America seem to have leeway with our court system and criminal justice system which is slant towards women and easily manipulated by women to whatever degree they deem fit for themselves..
      My statement while general in nature is quite accurate that a woman outside the united states would more than likely not be able to own or manipulate a man and all his possessions if at all the way she can here in the united states..
      I was not being specific with my statement but looking at the world..its an easy inference and conclusion to come to.
      I could come up with raw numbers and do the legwork..but I see no reason to do that with a general statement that doesn’t need in my opinion a huge amount of evidence to satisfy what we generally know to be true!
      Unless of course you want me too..

    • +michael marette, Actually you should watch the MGTOW videos on how prenups rarely work, they are usually thrown out (invalidated) and hence provide a man no protection. Women want men to think that prenups actually work because women know that they don’t. Women just have to lie and say they were intoxicated when they signed the prenup. And if the couple has kids then the prenups are almost always thrown out. Prenups are even thrown out for being “unfair to the woman”. Prenups are toilet paper (as Sandman recently said).

    • +M Mill I totally agree. If she really loves you then its not for your wallet and your possessions so it should be very easy for her to sign the papers!

    • +Red Shift good point! The interview with the divorce lawyer I heard also mentioned to have all lawyers present

      her & your lawyer; and to also have a video camera & audio tape going during the entire process. Have your lawyer

      Read line for line and ask her “Do you understand this? Repeat what I just said”.

  3. Bearing false witness is a crime. These that do this should be prosecuted. Made to pay restitution.
    “Rape culture’ is a fabrication of feminism made to vilify men.
    And they wonder where all the good men are. They run away from them.

    • Lex Art1 those of us that are not pathetically selfish understand these type of women have built a wall between women and trust in good men’s hearts that we must take the time to climb and prove ourselves trustworthy because of their horrendous treacherous evil ways.

  4. I had to pause it and think about life when that female dog jumped out the moving car because she was mad.

    She jumped out, was half way knocked out while trying to get back in the car and said “why did you push me out the car?”

    Its like for your emotions to fill you up with anger that much, and convince your mind to do something that can kill you, and your mind submits to it, and you cast yourself out a moving car, and blame the person you are mad at of throwing you out the car while KNOWING he is recording, shows how deeply insane that dog is. Damn!

    This is borderline demonic.


    • қㄚŋŋժƦعժժ Տㄚŋŋع NOT all women are disgusting selfish vile creatures, not all women are willing to go on welfare, many programs had to be made for women as many many men stopped being men and left their wives & children to fend for themselves after promising to provide for them. I don’t know about the laws of welfare but I was raised in a house with no father he left to be with other women and away from the responsibility of fatherhood he apologized for it long after my siblings and I were adults don’t judge us all based on those who are vile just as we shouldn’t judge all men based on those that are unfaithful unsupportive deadbeat temperamental selfish vile men

    • Thank you Brother!
      Because of your comment – I Just read some more (Sirach/Ecclesiasticus).
      Can’t believe I missed these verses.

    • ShynAwkward no problem brother I had to learn the hard way that the most high is always right on point when it comes to a woman even if u study the book of proverbs alone it literally tells you the characteristics of psychotic women that us as men ignore I just had to learn to trust inthe lord and his wisdom and not go off my own heart and what I think u will save ur self a lot of trouble by hearkening to the most highs wisdom.

  6. The snake deceived Eve. The seed of the snake women listen to. This why the man is the leader an more spiritual an not easily deceived ..What I mean is about Jesus being Over the body of Christ an man then woman. YAH created man first then woman. An snake always tries to work through her just like the beginning. Just look at women’s lib’ ..Yuk an blah blah blah. Women trying to put place of a man. leads to this right here. TRYING TO BE POWERFUL. LEADING TO POWERLESS .

  7. Pastor Dowell,

    Remember Potiphars wife in the Bible. Job wife and others in the Bible. It is hard for me to believe what many of them say. Men be warned.

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