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5 thoughts on “Why eat a raw food diet

  1. Hi Paul.
    How do I go abt to go vegan.whole plant diet.
    And I’m not to sure my entire family will go totally vegan or raw.
    Pls tell me on which platform could I download ur recipes
    And also to help my hubby to control his sugar levels.
    Also my 18yr old daughter is over weight
    I’m good exercise and hv no dairy ,no sugar.
    But I still want to make changes
    Thanx Paul
    God bless

  2. No questions as already on 80-90percent raw diet & 10-20percent cooked, that too vegetables mainly.
    But still I like the video, really motivating. Rightly said, health concept of majority of the public is to b fatty. It will take time for society to change their views.

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