Why haters can't be healthy

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12 thoughts on “Why haters can’t be healthy

  1. So true!! I get up very early, do my devotions and go shovel horse poop with my beautiful 4 legged friends, eat ( and share with then 😳) my fruit.. live very poorly but happily. Bless you !πŸ’ž

    • i was offered a free donkey by a neighbor farmer and my banker lady friend said don’t take it and i said why and she said …”cause they poop all over the place and knowing you you’ll have no patience to pick up all that poop”, i passed on the free donkey……true story…

  2. the news is so negative cause they believe it sells more ads and they think people love bad news, so, i never watch tv anymore, ha, i just look at youtube while plucking my guitar and listen to the news on radio and the minute they start a bad news story and it is something beyond my helpful influence, then i just change to a different channel, and, i never did watch commercials on tv and always mute the radio when a commercial comes on….ha ha…drove my past girlfriends crazy when i muted the tv for commercials….a whole other story………..!

  3. they say if you love what you do that you never work a day in your life and it is true as i feel like i never had had a job for the past 42 years as i have been running my own business repairing antiques and regular furniture and every day is play day……and stopped eating at restaurants about a year ago and don’t miss it at all……..my food i prepare is safer and better than what a stinking restaurant sells as they could give a crap about what anyone eats……

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